White Goose Down Pillows

No matter where you lay your head down to rest, you want to lay it down on the best. Royal Egyptian Bedding’s goose down pillows are supportive, stylish, and give new meaning to the phrase a good night’s sleep.

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2 products

2 products

Pillows Make a Huge Difference

Pillows are one of the most important pieces of bedding. The neck is one of the most fragile areas of your body, and poor head support during sleep can lead to headaches, muscle pain, difficulty concentrating, and, of course, poor sleep.

Our white goose down pillows are soft and pliable, but firm in terms of structural support for the neck and spine. This reduces the spinal pressure that can lead to all those unpleasant problems.

Find Your Favorites

At Royal Egyptian Bedding we carry both goose down pillows and down alternative pillows, and we offer two pillow sizes:

  • King Size
  • Queen Size (Standard)

Don’t forget to throw in some extra pillowcases.

Complete Your Bedding Ensemble at REB

Once you have chosen your new white goose down pillows, be sure to explore our other bedding departments:

At REB we offer affordable prices on all of our premium bedding, from pillowcases to comforters. How do we do it? Simple: We cut out the middleman. We work directly with the farmers who grow our cotton, goose down, and other materials. This means our customers are always going to get a wonderful product at a wonderful price. Get goose down pillows at Royal Egyptian Bedding today.