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What makes Royal Egyptian Bedding different from other bedding stores? Off course it is the quality and affordability. But what’s more important for you to know is how we are able to offer high quality products at such a low price.

Well, it’s quite simple. We bypass the wholesalers and middlemen by manufacturing our products in-house. But that’s not the only thing which enables us to guarantee 100% authentic Egyptian cotton sheets. Procuring the fabric from suppliers and doing the stitching part is quite easy. However, in spite of all those fair trade and quality certificates, there is no real guarantee that the procured fabric is pure and authentic, and this made us decide to procure cotton directly from the farmers in Egypt. This means that we need to take the extra pain of spinning and weaving our own fabric. But it is worth doing it as this gives us more control over quality and that makes our sheets special.

We procure cotton directly from the farmers in Egypt. While this gives us more control over quality, it also benefits the farmers as they get better price for their yield due to the absence of middlemen.

Combing of Cotton:
The raw material is cleaned and sterilized which makes it hypoallergenic by ridding it of dust, harmful bacteria and unwanted elements. The cotton is then combed to make it ready for spinning.

The process of transforming the loose cotton fibers into strong threads or yarns is called Spinning. This is done by twisting together of drawn-out strands of fibers to form yarn. The staples, or the cotton fibers are blown into a rotating chamber where they attach themselves to the tail of formed yarn while it is continuously being drawn out of the chamber.

Is process of interlacing two distinct set of yarns at right angles to form a fabric. During this process, the technical factors of the fabric such as the “Thread Count” and construction (single-ply, double-ply) come into picture. Thread Count is the number of threads per square inch of fabric. The woven fabric is then further processed to give it a smooth and lustrous finish before it is dyed. The dyed fabric is then washed so that it gets rid of the extra color. This ensures that the end product does not loose color when it is washed by the consumer.

Stitching and Packaging:
This is the last step of the manufacturing process. Our experienced and highly skilled craftsmen cut and stitch the finished fabric and make the most luxurious bed sheets of America. The final products are then packed into beautiful zipper bags before they are delivered to millions of happy customers.