1200 Thread Count 2 Piece Pillow Case Set

1200 Thread Count 2 Piece Pillow Case Set

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Experience a new level of comfort with this incredibly luxurious 1200 thread count two piece set. With single ply, ultra soft Egyptian cotton, blissful nights await.

Egyptian cotton has the strength and durability to create a dense weave with intense softness that lasts and maintains its comfort for years. This pillowcase set will nestle the sleeper’s head in unbelievable comfort for the best possible night’s sleep.

Royal Egyptian Bedding cuts out the middleman to source our Egyptian cotton directly from the lush Nile River Valley. This allows us to have complete control over REB’s manufacturing process, ensuring the highest standard of luxury bedding we can produce. Explore our affordable and quality bedding collections, including soft cotton pillowcases, sheet sets, comforters, and duvet covers.

Experience the height of nighttime comfort at Royal Egyptian Bedding!


This set comes in 12 stylish colors and a choice of either stripe or solid patterns to perfectly customize this pack to any bedding or interior.

Each set includes:

  • Contains two (2) soft cotton pillowcases
  • 4" hemming with piping
  • 1500 thread count
  • Single-ply Egyptian cotton

Sizes Available

These 1200 thread count pillowcase sets come in the following sizes:

  • Standard/Queen
  • King

Product Dimensions by Size

  • Standard/Queen Pillowcases: 20" x 30"
  • King Pillowcases: 20" x 40"

Care Guide

  • Machine wash
  • Remove pillowcases promptly from dryer
  • Use warm iron if necessary