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Wholesale Egyptian Cotton Bedding and Bath Linens

Royal Egyptian Bedding is a leading supplier of luxury bedding products to the hospitality industry as well as to retailers, both in the United States and abroad. Here are just a few of our esteemed clients:

Bed Sheets

We are famous for our Egyptian cotton sheets. We work directly with the farmers to procure our materials, allowing us to offer a better price than most, and the fact that we spin and weave the cotton ourselves gives us near-complete quality control. Our wholesale Egyptian cotton is produced to the same exacting standards of quality as anything we sell at retail.

We also carry alternative bedding materials like bamboo cotton and microfiber. They both offer excellent advantages in their own right and can make sense in environments where heat, moisture, or environmental conscientiousness are a concern.

Other Bedding and Bath Linens

As well as sheets, we carry luxe bedding products such as goose down (and down alternative) duvets, duvet covers, and pillows and mattress toppers, as well as bath linens to round out a customer’s master suite experience.

Luxury Hotels, Resorts, and Spas

One of the marks of a good stay at a luxury hotel or resort is that when your guests check out they clamor to buy some of the luxurious materials they have just slept on. Our authentic Giza cotton fibers, for which we are best known, are available in thread counts up to 1500 and make for some of the most sumptuous bed sheets in the world. Our other products are engineered to the same impeccable standards of quality, durability, and most of all comfort.


Our wholesale Egyptian cotton and other bedding products are an outstanding bargain. An exciting, upscale product with an appealing price tag makes for a compelling sales opportunity. Likewise, our close relationship with our growers fosters trust among our customers, who take comfort that they know they are actually getting what it says on the label.

Contact REB to Discuss Your Requirements

Our commitment to you is that your guests or customers will have an outstanding experience with our products, just like our own customers do.

Contact us today to discuss your interest in our wholesale Egyptian cotton bedding or other products.