Ten Tips to Improve Sleep Hygiene

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A common problem reported by adults is the inability to sleep well and consistently. Good sleep habits — frequently referred to as sleep hygiene — can be hard to master as your own. For whatever reason, be it stress, complicated scheduling, or health problems, sleep hygiene often seems challenging for many adults. However, sleep hygiene doesn’t have to be something that you leave behind in childhood, check out these ten great tips for good sleep hygiene.


This is probably one that you’ve heard before, but it’s still one that you should take to heart. Sleep experts will always tell you that a consistent sleep schedule is one of the most crucial steps to take when inducing deep sleep. It will also have a positive effect on your metabolism.

Exercise During the Day

This tip to improve sleep hygiene is one that some people are not excited to hear. Similar to the benefits of exercise for easing depression and anxiety, it’s easy to blow off raising your heart rate as a trivial solution to sleep troubles. However, as many will tell you, the results speak for themselves.

No Electronics Before Bed

Many people like to relax right before bed with a little TV or a familiar movie, but most sleep experts consider this to be counterproductive. If you’re wondering how best to induce deep sleep, you’d be better off with a book or other light reading before you attempt to doze off.

Proper Temperature Control

One of the most important things in establishing good sleep hygiene would be to make sure you are comfortable in your own sleeping environment. One of the best ways to achieve this is by making sure you have proper climate control, particularly if you need to cool your room.

No Food Before Bedtime

While the occasional midnight snack or stiff drink before bed might seem relaxing, consistently doing so will disturb your ability to sleep well. For the sake of your sleep hygiene, be sure to cut off your consumption a few hours before you plan to hit the sheets.

Clean, Quality Bedding

One of the most commonly overlooked tips to improve sleep hygiene is the quality of your sheets. Not only does your comfort level increase when you use high-quality bedding, but you might discover alternate materials you love.

A bed made with a gold sheet set


When trying to establish anything with consistency, it’s important to consider how a routine might assist you. In terms of your sleep, be sure to always have an established routine in what you do right before you sleep. Even the order in which you organize your ritual can help.

Forget About Time

Wait, what?

It certainly sounds like a strange tip to improve sleep hygiene, though it might not surprise you to learn that watching the clock consistently will stress you beyond the ability to sleep well.

Cut Back On The Naps

Sometimes a nap right after work can be incredibly tempting but, when it comes to inducing deep sleep, it can be your Achilles heel. Power through when you’re feeling drowsy during the day, don’t ever let your head touch the pillow!

Keep At It!

It’s easy to make a mistake or slip up on some of these tips, but the important thing is to not become discouraged if you begin to falter. These tips to improve sleep hygiene can be hard to follow through on, but just keep at it and you will find deep sleep in no time.

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