Duvet Covers - Egyptian Cotton, Bamboo Cotton, Microfiber

Royal Egyptian Bedding is proud to offer sheets, duvet covers, comforter sets, and other bedding basics in Egyptian cotton, bamboo, microfiber, and goosedown. Featuring high thread counts and fabric with a soft, supple touch, your whole family will love these premium quality, affordable materials. Explore the elements necessary to a great night’s sleep:


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    13 products

    13 products

    Sourced Directly from Egyptian Farmers

    As we were starting up our business, the problem we ran into was that the modern marketplace had a lot of knock-offs. Suppliers are not always honest about what they are selling. So we came up with a creative solution: We source our cotton directly from the Egyptian farmers who grow it. That is how we know that it is 100% authentic, and this is how we are able to provide high-quality products directly to you.

    Affordable Price on Top Quality Bedding

    By doing it this way, everybody benefits: The farmers have a reliable buyer who they can depend on. We get the authentic cotton that makes our bedding the best on the market. Also, without the middleman taking a cut, our customers get a lower price point they can afford without guilt.

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