Bamboo Bed in a Bag Sets

Our bamboo bed in a bag sets are an elegant and simple way to recreate a 5-star resort hotel experience in your own home. Each set features matching bamboo cotton sheets and a fluffy goose down comforter for a quick and easy way to give your bedroom or guest room a new look.

8 Ingredients for Bedtime Luxury

Here is what comes with every bamboo bed in a bag set:

All of our bamboo bed sets come in a wide variety of gorgeous colors and styles, and are available in single-ply fabric with thread counts ranging from 1000 to 1500.

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1 product

1 product

Why Choose Bamboo Cotton?

Bamboo cotton has a luscious feel similar to cashmere or silk. It is also hypoallergenic, making it good for people with allergies to synthetic fabrics. Note that the comforter is still goose down with a cotton shell.

Additionally, bamboo fabric is 60 percent more absorbent than cotton, with an overall lighter feel. This makes a bamboo bed set ideal for the warm seasons of the year, or in well-heated bedrooms that never get cold even in winter.

Our customers love these luxurious bed sets, and we think you will too. Try our bamboo bed in a bag in your home. They go great with our premium bath linens.