About Us

A Passion For Sheets

We are Rick and Andy, two self-proclaimed geeky guys with a passion for making the best bed sheets in the world. Our story starts in Falls Church, VA, way back in the far-away time of the year 2010. The online bedsheet industry was still a new thing. From the beginning, we never wanted to become a giant in the industry, rather offer top-quality bed sheets at truly affordable prices.

Our First Steps Forward

We sold our first ever set of inventory on eBay and were completely surprised by the positive and overwhelming response. We were so encouraged by our initial success that we decided to start our own online bedding store in 2011, dubbed Royal Egyptian Bedding.

The Most Luxurious Sheets in America

We are proud to say that Royal Egyptian Bedding is known for its premium quality Egyptian Cotton Sheets, Duvets, Down Comforters, Pillows, and luxury Bed in a Bag sets. We are able to offer our products at affordable prices because we bypass the middlemen and manufacture our products in-house after procuring the raw materials directly from farmers in Egypt. We go right to the source to reduce costs so that we can offer our products at considerably lower prices. High quality, low prices, and exceptional customer service have been our pillars of success.

Thank you for stopping by our store! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns at hello@royalegyptianbeddding.com.

Happy Shopping!