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Comforters (also called duvets) are much harder to clean than simple sheets and break down more easily. That is why most people use duvet covers to protect them from the rigors of daily use.

Here at Royal Egyptian Bedding, we offer a premium selection of Egyptian cotton duvet covers, as well as other choices like bamboo and microfiber, which have their own advantages. Find a wide selection of colors and styles and mix and match favorites. Some customers even like to buy multiples, so that they can change out the decor every once in a while.

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13 products

13 products

Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers

Made with 100% fine Egyptian cotton that made REB famous, these Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers are soft, warm and supple to the touch.

Bamboo Cotton Duvet Covers

Bamboo Cotton Duvet Covers have an even softer feel than traditional cotton and are more absorbent than cotton. Many customers prefer this quality, especially in the summertime when the nights stay warm.

Microfiber Duvet Covers

Microfiber Duvet Covers have extremely soft, sleek feel that is unlike any other fabric. Some people absolutely love it, especially for loose fabrics like bedding. It is also highly absorbent and resistant to bacteria, meaning it resists odor longer than other materials. That makes it a good choice for kids, and people that shower in the morning rather than at night.

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