Luxury Duvet Covers – Egyptian Cotton, Bamboo Cotton, Microfiber

If you want a bedding style refresh while also caring for your existing bedding, you’re looking for luxury duvet covers. Get the highest quality bedding protection at Royal Egyptian Bedding. Duvet covers let you quickly change the look and feel of your bedding, easily fitting over your duvet or quilt. This easily removable top layer can be cleaned and swapped simply to match the aesthetic of your bedroom. By insulating your bedding from the rigors of daily use, our bamboo organic duvet covers let you protect your duvet or comforter so that it lasts longer. We offer a wide selection of various styles, including bamboo cotton, microfiber, and Egyptian cotton duvet covers.

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13 products

13 products

Our duvet cover options are uniquely luxurious. Made with the 100% fine Egyptian cotton that made REB famous, our Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers are soft, warm, and supple to the touch. Bamboo Cotton Duvet Covers have an even softer feel than traditional cotton and are also more absorbent. Microfiber Duvet Covers have an extremely soft, sleek feel that is unlike any other fabric, with a bacteria-resistant absorbency.

No matter which of our luxury duvet cover styles you prefer, any of our premium selections are luxuriously comfortable and bring sophisticated style to your bedroom set. There’s no need to worry about your comforter wearing out when you can cover it with stylish and soft microfiber or bamboo organic duvet covers.

Find your perfect luxury duvet covers today! Mix and match your favorites for soft style and comfort. If you have questions or concerns with the options of duvet covers available or the shipping process, please contact us for fast and personalized assistance.