Split King Sheet Sets

Royal Egyptian Bedding is proud to bring our customers the finest Egyptian cotton sheets in the world. Here are our split king sheet sets in cotton, available in your choice of colors, patterns, and thread counts.

There is nothing like crawling into crisp, clean cotton sheets at the end of a long day. Our luxury split king sheet sets feature single-ply fabric made from authentic Giza cotton fibers, which is recognized as one of the best types of cotton for making luxury fabrics. We also do our own spinning and weaving, which ensures the highest quality.

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6 products

6 products

An Investment to Be Proud Of

Split king sheets are an investment because of their large size, so go with a high-quality sheet that you will be glad to sleep on time and again. We can offer our sheets at these prices because we cut out the middleman, which makes our split king sheet sets in cotton an incredible value.

Each luxury split king sheet set comes with two fitted sheets, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases. To finish up this bedding set, check out our other departments:

Have a Good Night’s Sleep

Durable, warm, and incredibly soft, our split king sheets are going to bring many nights of satisfying rest. With every wash, the split king sheet sets’ cotton gets even softer, so you will truly feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. Shop our Split King Sheet Sets and other products at REB today.