All About Thread Count

All About Thread Count

“Sleep, rest of things, O pleasing Deity,
Peace of the soul, which cares dost crucify,
Weary bodies refresh and mollify.”

I realized the real meaning of the above quote when I checked into a renowned hotel at Richmond VA. After a long weary day as soon as I prepared myself to hit the sack, I was amazed to see the bed there. The main charm of the room was its bed sheet. It gave the entire room a sumptuous and splendid look that made my day. The incredibly soft, cozy and tranquil sheet made me sleep like a baby, throughout the night.

It was then that I came to know the significance of a high quality bedding to have a sound sleep. Now I can firmly say that, when it comes deciding on the best bed linen, the Egyptian cotton linens are a cut above the rest. They are the perfect amalgamation of comfort, softness, ultimate luxury and durability. But you can’t take full advantage of the luxurious bed linens unless and until they are 100% Egyptian cotton. The same goes well with the thread count (TC).

It is a vital parameter to assess the quality of the cloth material. It is measured by adding the number of vertical threads to the horizontal threads per square inch of the fabric. Hence, 600 vertical threads woven together with 600 horizontal threads results in a 1200 TC. Higher thread count engenders more resilient, finer, lustrous and comfortable sheets. You can get the most with a 1500 thread count.

So, 1500 TC linen can be an ideal choice for the hospitality sector as well as for residential use. The bed sheets in the hotels are used and laundered on a daily basis. In order to withstand such heavy use, the fabric needs to be robust. Thus, its resilient nature makes it the best option and value for money. Also, they are highly absorbent in nature and allow the air to pass gently. Hence, they can assist you in falling asleep quickly and comfortably.

These specialties make it popular among people who adore luxury and comfort. But many consumers are being hoodwinked with counterfeit products. Some manufacturers sell bogus material in the name of 1500 Thread count “like” quality linens. They use multiple ply threads microfibers instead of single ply long staple Egyptian cotton fibers. These sham sheets might cost less but are coarse, wrinkle-prone, uncomfortable and flimsy.

One can easily ward off these counterfeits by inquiring the retailer, about the fiber being used. Always prefer 100% Egyptian cotton over a microfiber or blended cotton sheet. Customers can also ask the sellers whether it is certified Egyptian cotton or not, and ensure its authenticity.

Adorn your sweet abode with authentic 1500 thread count Egyptian sheets. Choose from brilliant color options in solid and stripe styles. Package contains a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. King, California king, queen, Olympic queen, full, twin, twin XL sizes are available.

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