Extra Pillowcases: Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases and Bamboo Cotton Pillowcases

Our Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases feature the same sumptuous Nile Valley cotton that we use in our famous cotton bed sheet sets. We recommend always keeping some extra pillowcases on hand:

Extra pillowcases let you mix and match pillow colors with your bed sheets to create a new world of bedroom decoration possibilities. We especially love bold combinations like red and gold, or pink and gray.

Due to the natural oils in our hair and in our breath, pillowcases are the first article of bedding to lose their freshness. Switching out your Egyptian cotton pillowcases midweek is a great way to sleep fresh every night, and makes the pillow itself last longer between dry cleanings.

Our sheet sets come with two pillowcases (1 pillowcase for our twin sizes and 2 for all other sizes).

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3 products

3 products

Find a Pillowcase That’s Just Right

Choose from multiple pillowcase patterns and a wide range of colors to fit every home decor style. Our Egyptian cotton pillowcases are available in a variety of thread counts, from 300 up to 1500.

We also carry bamboo cotton pillowcases at a thread count of 1500. Bamboo cotton is highly breathable and absorbent—perfect for muggy summer nights. Bamboo also uses less water to grow, making it more environmentally friendly.

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