Why Egyptian Cotton

Sumptuously Soft Egyptian Cotton

Wander off to dreamland nestled in luxurious bedding, crafted from the finest Nile Valley cotton.

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The long, strong fibers of this cotton create a dense weave that feels lavishly soft to the touch, creating the best Egyptian cotton sheets for your best night of sleep.

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We purchase our cotton directly from the farmer, ensuring we use only premium quality materials to make the best Egyptian cotton sheets.

Breathe easy with our hypoallergenic bedding. Our thorough cleaning process rids the raw material from dust and other debris.

We comb our cotton, rather than card it. This is a slower process but results in a softer, yet stronger, material for spinning.

To make the most comfortable sheets, material is just part of the equation. By having full control of our process, we know we’re providing the best Egyptian cotton sheets on the market.

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Drift into blissful slumber in the softest sheets imaginable.
You deserve your best night’s sleep.

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