Down Alternative Comforters

Our goose down comforters keep you warm the same way it keeps a goose warm... by trapping in your natural body heat with the feathers. Some people, however, have allergies to goose down or do not wish to use animal products. That is where our luxury down alternative comforters come in!

Our goose down alternative comforters come in two different variants, one with a 100% 300 thread count cotton shell and the other with a brushed microfiber shell.

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2 products

2 products

Cotton and Microfiber Shell Down Alternative Comforters

The microfiber filling in REB’s goose down alternative comforters is hypoallergenic and offers warmth, comfort, and a pleasant night’s sleep without the worry of aggravating your allergies. Few things in the world are more comforting than finishing a hard day’s work and crawling into bed under a soft, fluffy comforter. There is a reason people call them “comforters” after all!

Protect Your Comforter with a Cover

A cotton or microfiber shell down alternative comforter will stay fresh and enjoy a longer lifespan if you slip it into one of our elegant and protective duvet covers. Our duvet covers are made from the same fine materials as our other products:

  • Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers: This luscious Nile Valley cotton is famous around the world. Once reserved only for royalty, now, you can treat yourself!
Complete Your Ensemble with REB

Buying a luxury cotton or microfiber shell down alternative comforter is the perfect occasion to spruce up your whole bedding ensemble. With that in mind, explore our luscious Egyptian cotton sheets, or check out our bamboo cotton sheets or brushed microfiber sheets if you have cotton allergies or prefer another material. Take a moment to explore our shop and find all of the accouterments to pure luxury.