Goose Down Comforters

Looking for the premium comfort experience at the end of a hard day? You’ve found it! There is simply no better way to be pampered than by climbing into bed and nestling into fresh 100% Egyptian cotton sheets and a soft goose down comforter. Royal Egyptian Bedding is proud to provide premium quality Egyptian cotton for all your bedding needs, from the fitted sheet to the luxurious top layer: an incredibly soft comforter.

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12 products

12 products

Our Egyptian cotton comforters are manufactured in-house to REB's gold standard quality levels. Each comforter, also known as a duvet, is individually crafted from premium clusters of ethically sourced goose down. We use a "baffle box" construction that divides the comforter into a large number of individual pockets to keep the comforter consistently comfortable. With a baffle box setup, every part of the comforter stays fluffy and warm even through use over time, rather than having the down migrate to one end, usually at the foot of the bed.

Egyptian cotton comforters from Royal Egyptian Bedding are specifically designed with your comfort in mind. We source our down only from geese who have been ethically treated, both for quality and peace of mind. We also clean our goose down thoroughly using a thorough multi-stage process that eliminates allergens, dust, and bacteria without compromising the quality of the down fibers.

Anyone will love these superior quality comforters; with all the great variety in styles and designs to enjoy, you are sure to find one that suits your tastes. Be sure to check out our sheet sets and duvet covers to complement our goose down comforters. Contact us with any questions.