How to Incorporate Bedspread Patterns and Textures into Your Bedroom

Bed with diverse bedspread patterns

You love the feeling of high-quality bedding as it shrouds you from head to toe. But this is just one of the benefits they offer. The other benefit is the stylishness they can add to any sleeping space.

The question is, what are the best textures and patterns to incorporate into your bedspread to create a truly comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space to retreat to at night?

Here’s a rundown on the most appropriate bedspread patterns and bedding textures to consider for your bedroom space. With the right decorative selections, you can easily take the look and feel of your bedroom to a whole new level.

Incorporating Bedspread Patterns

If you’re looking to add visual appeal to your bedroom, a patterned bedspread like a striped Egyptian cotton duvet cover would make the perfect complement to your space. The benefit of stripes is that they offer diverse looks and are timeless, making them the perfect pattern for both a classically decorated and a modern bedroom. These covers come in an array of colors: to lighten up a room, use ivory, beige, or sage. Meanwhile, if you want to add a bold touch to your bed, consider a striped chocolate, burgundy, or navy duvet cover.

Pair your duvet cover with striped Egyptian cotton sheets for a truly stunning look for your bed. As with the duvet cover, the striped bedspread pattern is available in a variety of colors. The complimentary (or contrasting) colors you choose for your duvet cover and your sheets create an interesting canvas of texture that spices up your bedspread!

bedroom cupboard bed with stripes

Incorporating Bedding Textures

When it comes to textures, you can easily make your bed feel softer than ever with an Egyptian cotton duvet cover. This type of bedspread offers incredible comfort and luxury, as cotton from the Nile River region is recognized as among the top types of cotton available worldwide. The bedding has a reputation for getting better with each wash, and it will hold up for many years.

Another way to enhance the feel of your bed is with a goose down comforter. This type of comforter is an excellent way to pamper yourself following a rough day. Why? Because it’s fabricated from Egyptian cotton as well as fine goose down. With the soft texture and breathability of this comforter, you can enjoy comfort and warmth for many nights to come.

white sheets bunched up together

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