How to Care for Your Royal Egyptian Bedding

A full set of luxury bedding by Royal Egyptian Bedding

Today we are looking at how to wash bedding and also how to dry bedding. Your Royal Egyptian Bedding is a premium product that will last much longer and will look and feel better if you follow the instructions carefully.

How to Wash Bedding: Use Cold (or Warm) Water

We recommend you wash all REB bedding in cold water. If you have extremely cold water and have trouble getting the bedding clean enough due to solubility problems with your laundry soap, then try warm water.

We recommend avoiding hot water because it will cause the rich colors in our bedding to fade more quickly, and repeated exposure to hot water can slowly damage the cotton fibers over time.

How to Wash Bedding: Wash with Like Colors

You have probably noticed that our care instructions always specify to wash REB bedding “with like colors,” or to “wash dark colors separately.” This is because all color dyes will bleed out into the wash water a little bit, no matter how carefully you wash them. Once the dye is in the water, it will redeposit on everything equally. Over time, this will change the color of your lighter-colored bedding toward brownish-gray.

If you have two dark sheets in the wash together, like a chocolate brown sheet and a navy blue sheet, this effect will be virtually impossible to notice. However, if you have a light pink sheet in a load full of blacks and heavy greens and deep blues, you will definitely lose some of the definition in that delicate pink.

This is why we recommend you wash darks, lights, and whites in three separate loads.

How to Wash Bedding: Do Not Bleach

Bleach removes stains better than anything. Unfortunately, it also removes colors better than anything. Bleach destroys certain colors, and it transforms other colors into something completely different. For instance, on some dark green dyes, bleach can turn the fabric into a salmon color.

If you thoroughly mix bleach into the wash water, which often happens if you pour bleach into your washing machine’s bleach receptacle, it will cause a uniform fading or discoloration. If you pour bleach directly into the machine after it is already loaded, it will cause massive fading or discolor over random splotches of fabric.

Instead of bleach, we recommend borax or a bleach-free “bleach.” Use these extra cleaners only when necessary, not as part of your regular washing routine.

How to Wash Bedding: Frequency

  • Sheets and Pillowcases: We recommend you wash your sheets weekly. This applies for our famous Egyptian cotton sheets, our bamboo cotton sheets, and brushed microfiber sheets, as well as to all of our pillowcases and shams. Some people like to change their sheets twice a week, while others are willing to let their sheets go for up to two weeks. We think that one week is a good balance because it maximizes freshness and minimizes the wear and tear from the laundry machines. That is how to wash bedding best.
  • Duvet Covers & Mattress Pads: Bedding that does not come into contact with your body can go longer between washes. We recommend washing your REB duvet covers monthly to keep them from getting musty. We recommend washing your REB mattress pads monthly as well, to keep them from soiling your mattress or mattress topper.
  • Duvets (Comforters): We recommend dry cleaning only for our goose down comforters. Our down alternative comforters are machine washable, but we strongly recommend you dry clean these as well. With a proper duvet cover, you will only need to dry clean your duvets once every year or two, and potentially even less. When it comes to figuring out how to wash bedding properly, the trick is to use easy-to-clean bedding to protect hard-to-clean bedding.


How to Dry Bedding: With Care

When it comes to the question of how to dry bedding, the answer is “carefully.” Your Royal Egyptian Bedding is built for a luxurious appearance and feel. It is not “industrial-strength” bedding that can handle anything. Always tumble-dry your REB bedding, and never use high heat. We recommend low heat, as this will minimize shrinkage and protect the sumptuous cotton fibers.

For thick bedding, like our mattress pads, make sure that these articles are thoroughly dried before you use them again, as any remaining moisture will lead to the buildup of musty and unpleasant smells.

Drying your REB bedding on a line is perfectly acceptable and highly encouraged, especially if you have a yard full of the delicious smells of flowers and trees. You may wish to finish your machine-dried bedding on the line as well, just to make sure it dries completely without wasting energy.

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