Best Bedding and Decor Tips for a Retro-Style Bedroom

 old-school decor for retro-style bedroom

Ready to give your master bedroom a new style twist this season? Give it a blast from the past by colliding new and old to create a bold look that every generation can admire.

The good news? It’s not hard to mesh the modern with the retro to produce a truly inspiring and “groovy” retro-style bedroom look. The matchless combination of modern and retro touches will create an inviting and comfortable bedroom space for your home.

Here’s a rundown on the top retro-style room ideas to start incorporating into your bedroom this year.

Walls and Furnishings for a Retro-Style Bedroom

Consider adding rustic dressers and nightstands with wood tones to your decor. These types of dressers are perfect for bringing in storage as well as class. At the same time, they won’t take away from your room’s other retro-style bedroom decor.

Also, consider splashing your walls with color using beautiful retro prints of art in wood frames that are natural toned. This will perfectly accent your artistic designs. Also, try to keep your walls light, as this will make your artwork more noticeable. You can then pair your artwork with a round contemporary hanging mirror, a simple mirror design iconic of past decades.


Another way to create a retro-style bedroom is to create a truly plush bed with a natural color palette and warm linens. Natural organic bamboo sheet or Egyptian cotton duvet colors may range from beige to ivory and white, creating the perfect subtle centerpiece. Combine your bedding with a bedframe from the era of your choosing, and your bed is now the throwback you’ve been dreaming of.

woman with breakfast in bed

Rugs, Curtains, and Other Decor

You can also create a retro-style bedroom with the right rugs and other decor. For instance, place a subdued yet fun retro-style area rug on your floor — one with tones of red and fiery orange, for example. 

Modern and eclectic retro-style room ideas include placing a modern metal planter in a corner of the room, or perhaps a large piece of tasteful metalwork. You can also add an old-school TV with a curved screen and dials for channel selection (even if you never use it). These decorative pieces will easily add intriguing elements to your space. 

Finally, top it all off with warm-toned shades or curtains. These types of window treatments will frame your living space, giving it that final finishing touch.

white curtains with a plant on window sill

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