College Dorm Tips: Why You Need A Good Dorm Room Comforter and Sheet Set

white dorm room comforter set and desk

There is a lot to remember when you are packing up your things to move into your dorm for the start of the new semester. You need school supplies, clothing, and toiletries, of course. There is also one last thing you will have to decide on: What bedding do you want?

A great dorm room comforter set is a must have item on every college student’s packing list. Having great bedding is a necessity for surviving college life. Here are all the reasons why we suggest getting high-quality bedding for your college dorm.

1) Stay Comfortable All Night Long

Sleeping in dorms year round can be tricky. Changing weather or disagreements with roommates over how hot or cold to keep the dorm room can make staying comfortable a challenge. A college student needs good bedding that will keep them at just the right temperature.

When choosing a dorm room comforter set or sheets for college dorm temperatures, cotton is a wise choice. Cotton is a great material for bedding because it allows for plenty of air flow. If it is a little warm in your room, cotton will help to cool you down. At the same time, it will keep you cozy and comfortable in chillier temperatures as well.

Egyptian cotton sheet sets are a great choice for any college student who wants to sleep well every night. Made with 100% Egyptian cotton, they are soft and durable. Overall, this would be a great sheet set to use year round in a college dorm.

Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

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Moving into a dorm room is an exciting chance to decorate a new space and make it feel like a second home. After all, college students will be spending a lot of time in their dorm: sleeping, studying, spending time with friends, and everything else a semester can bring.

As part of the decorating process, students will need to decide on their bedding colors and materials. Buying a dorm room comforter set can make this process a little easier. A bed in a bag set usually comes with a comforter, duvet cover, sheets, and pillow cases. This simplifies bedding by letting you get a matching set with everything you need, rather than having to shop for individual pieces.

When a student picks out their bedding, it is important that they like how it looks. Students should enjoy spending time in their dorm room. Getting a dorm room comforter set in a color or pattern the student enjoys will help make the dorm a nicer space. Finding bedding that is both comfortable and nice looking will help make the dorm feel like home.

Finding The Perfect Dorm Bedding

Stocking your college dorm with all of the bedding essentials can feel like a challenge, especially for a student’s first year away from home. Royal Egyptian Bedding can make the process easier. We are your one stop shop for everything a college student needs, from mattress pads, pillows, and comforters to luxurious, affordable duvet covers and sheets for college dorms. Plus, our dorm room comforter sets make it easy to get everything you need without much hassle.

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