Design Styles for a Hot Summer Bedroom

bedroom decor including wooden seat and plant

After a long day of running to and fro under the hot summer sun, there’s nothing like coming home to an inviting bedroom that feels more like a summer oasis. The right bedroom design is cozy yet light and airy—perfect for anyone seeking to relax and unwind in a cool, calming environment.

The good news? Achieving your ideal warm-weather design can truly feel like a piece of summer cake.

Here is a rundown on the top summer bedroom ideas and how to use the right bedding choices and decorative accents to turn your dream space into a reality this year.

White and Blue Decor

If you want to turn your bedroom into a stylish, gorgeous, and joy-evoking summer destination, consider pairing blue and white in your space’s decor. This is one of the top summer room decor trends for a cool look and feel on the hottest of days. Add white designer curtains and a blue area rug to define your space. Then, add blue or white sheets to your bed to complete the look.

Ideally, you will want to go with sheets made from a lighter-weight material for summer, like cotton. Egyptian cotton especially stands out for its luxurious softness and high quality, which will make you feel as though you are sleeping on a cloud all summer night long.

White Bedroom Decor

White bedrooms can also be soothing and clean places to retire for the night, or naptime, making it yet another one of today’s most popular summer bedroom ideas. That’s because white has a way of brightening up any room and making it feel more tranquil and less cluttered. It will also give your room a consistent look. On top of this, white decor will make your bedroom feel more like an opulent five-star hotel room—a matchless space to de-stress from an on-the-go lifestyle.

To create your all-white summer room decor, drape your bed with white sheets made from Egyptian cotton or bamboo. Bamboo is an excellent alternative to Egyptian cotton because it naturally wicks away moisture and is breathable, so it will easily keep you cooler during the summer. Use white paint on your ceilings and walls, too, and consider breaking up the snowy hue with a black bed skirt or white-and-black throw pillows.

white bedroom with white and black pillows

Pretty-In-Pink Decor

Dressing up a bedroom in pink is one of the most popular summer bedroom ideas for girls. Creating a serene retreat is possible with pink walls that are textured, pink posters, and even a gorgeous pink area rug. Do not forget to add some silky pink bamboo or cotton sheets to the mix, too. The entire bedroom ensemble is sure to leave your child so mesmerized that she will not be able to wait for bedtime—even during the long days of summer.

Coastal Colors Decor

No list of summer bedroom ideas would be complete without a reference to a chic coastal design. Coastal colors offer a peaceful, soothing charm that will make you feel like you are rendezvousing with nature right in your bedroom.

To bring this summer room decor idea to fruition, choose a lighter color palette featuring hues like white, watery blue, gray, and sandy beige for your bedding, curtains, rugs, and furniture. Light colors are great for making your room look larger and more spacious. Then, add “beachy” accents like seashells and starfish, which can easily go on your dressers and night tables.

Floral Decor

Adding a floral touch to your bedroom also remains one of the most in-demand summer bedroom ideas. That’s because summer room decor featuring flowers allows us to rediscover the charm and beauty that made our grandparents fall in love with floral motifs decades ago. Plus, floral patterns fit in just about anywhere.

Floral patterns can easily be incorporated into your space through framed pictures, wall murals, wallpaper, and pillows. Then, choose solid or striped green, white, blue, or gold sheets to break up the flowery designs. You can even add bouquets of real flowers to your bedroom to bring more of the outdoors inside. Summer decor that is built around the natural power of flowers will always add life to your space.

floral pillows and covers on bed

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