Five Benefits of Bamboo Fabric

It’s possible to trace the use of bamboo back approximately 7,000 years in China. It has since spread in popularity around the world. Bamboo can grow anywhere in the world and requires no pesticides to grow successfully. Compared to other plants used to create and mass produce fabrics and other amenities, bamboo is remarkably low maintenance, making it easy to cultivate. Among the many uses for bamboo, it is excellent in creating fabrics for use as sheets and clothing, just as luxurious as the softest cotton fabric.
Considering the material of the bamboo plant, which closely resembles wood to the layman, many would not consider it possible to make an exceptionally soft material. However, if you were to break apart a bamboo shoot, you would understand how manufacturers process the plant into fibers, which become yarn. This yarn yields a fabric that is not only more sustainable to cultivate but produces premium fabrics. Here are five benefits of bamboo fabric you may not have been aware of.

An Agricultural Wonder

Bamboo is low maintenance and requires none of the pesticides or pathogen resistance that fields of cotton do. Not only does this make for an easier crop, but it also significantly reduces the amount of loss for farmers. Because growing bamboo only requires about 30% of the water required to grow healthy cotton plants, it is also good for the planet. With water scarcity becoming a more looming threat, it is no wonder that this is one of the primary benefits of bamboo fabric.


If you have ever tried to break apart wild bamboo, you are aware of how tough the plant can be. The fabric spun from it is no different. Quality bamboo fabrics are more durable than some alternative materials and last for up to twice as long in terms of wearability. It takes less dye to color bamboo fabric, and the fabric maintains the shade for much longer. This makes bamboo a great option for bedding, as it will hold up to years of laundering.

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A tremendous benefit for sustainability and work efficiency: Cotton requires constant and work-intensive replanting and maintenance. Bamboo will regrow itself, sometimes even growing several feet in one day. Bamboo is one of the easiest crops to grow and yields up to ten times as much material per acre than cotton.

Absorbent and Hypoallergenic

Who knew that material could make you feel so good? Bamboo fabric is almost twice as absorbent as cotton, allowing it to wick the sweat from your body easily. People with sensitivities should know bamboo in its natural state does not cause any known allergic reactions, making it an excellent choice for sheets.

Soft As The Softest Cotton Fabric

There are many similarities between bamboo and Egyptian cotton sheets. Both are durable, yet exceedingly soft. Lasting softness is a key benefit of bamboo fabric that many aren’t familiar with.

While Royal Egyptian Bedding specializes in Egyptian cotton (unsurprisingly), we offer a small selection of bamboo sheet sets. Please do contact us if you have questions regarding our products, we love to hear from you.

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