Get Inspired By These Feminine Bedroom Decor Ideas

woman lying across comforter with feminine bedroom decor

The kitchen may be the heart of your home, but your master bedroom is arguably one of your home’s most important spaces. It’s the place where you can unwind after a long, exhausting day. 

But here’s the problem: You don’t feel that your bedroom is as beautiful of a living space as it could be.

The good news? Adding a feminine, soft touch to your room with feminine bedroom decor is an easy way to beautify your sleeping space and make it even more inviting. Here’s a rundown on the top feminine bedroom ideas that will instantly elevate your space.

Top Feminine Bedroom Ideas Include Paying Attention to Color

To capture femininity, rely on soft colors in your room. Pastel colors, like rose, baby blue, peach, or coral, are especially ideal for a feminine bedroom. So, consider painting the room’s walls one of these colors, and make sure that the individual pieces of decor displayed throughout the room feature these hues.

These items might range from a blanket on a chair to the picture frame hanging above your bed. If you have just one item that doesn’t fit this color scheme, it will throw off the room’s entire ambiance, not to mention become an eyesore. Keep things consistent! 

Incorporate Soft Bedding

One of today’s top feminine bedroom ideas is to drape your mattress in sheets featuring soft textures you’ll never get tired of nestling into. For instance, consider adding Egyptian cotton sheets to your bed, as they carry an inherently feminine vibe due to their plush softness that makes them feel almost like silk. 

Add a duvet cover made out of Egyptian cotton to further make your bed the premier snuggling spot in the house. An organic bamboo duvet cover is also known for its soft, fresh touch resembling that of cashmere, making it another ideal addition to your bedroom. Down comforters made of goose feathers are another option for pampering yourself after a long, hard day.

woman with laptop in bed

Choose Light Furniture

Finally, choose furniture with light colors to complete your feminine bedroom look. Try to stay away from black furniture. If your existing furniture is black, you may want to replace it or simply paint it to give it a lighter, more friendly appearance. 

Pay special attention to your choice of headboard, too. Partial fabric and full-fabric headboards are perfect for capturing femininity in the bedroom due to their softer look and feel. If you decide to go with a wood headboard instead, choose a lighter wood color, like that of ash, maple, beech, or birch. 

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