How to Decorate and Color Coordinate For Your Bedroom

Clean bedroom decorated in purple and dark gray

The bedroom is arguably the most important room in the home. It is where we go to rest and relax, whether alone or with a partner. So even though guests may never see this room, make sure it is a beautiful space for you with our home decor ideas for the bedroom.

Keep it Clean and Clutter-Free

The first step is ensuring the bedroom remains clean. Even if clothes on the floor or too many knickknacks is exactly your style, these small bits of clutter can add unconscious stress to day-to-day life.

Make your nightstand pull double-duty by getting one with multiple drawers. Keep a lamp, a bouquet of fresh flowers or a favorite book on top, and stash those odds and ends that always seem to float around (like pens or bobby pins) out of sight and in the drawers.

Another option is to add bookshelves or floating shelves to the walls. A tasteful, organized bookshelf can instantly add class to your space. If your idea for bedroom home decor is more natural, fill the shelves with live plants for a splash of green.

If possible, get a bed frame with drawers underneath for even more storage. Keep clothes or even extra pillows or duvets within arm’s reach while still keeping everything tidy and out of the way.

Color Coordinate

Color coordination for the bedroom is key. The right color scheme, whether that is bright, bold choices, more gentle pastels or somewhere in-between, can really pull the room together.

Bedroom decorated in dark blue and white

For a smaller bedroom or a more airy feel, use subtly contrasting shades of white and a complementary pastel, like beige or a light purple. Keep the walls white, but add your chosen color to the headboard, the covers on a pair of goose down throw pillows and the area rug for a cohesive, comfortable feeling.

For a bold idea in bedroom home decor, balance is vital. Choose your favorite vibrant color to paint an accent wall, like the one behind the headboard. Bring this same color into a vase, picture frames on the other walls or even the Egyptian cotton sheets (and leave a corner turned down for a peek at the color) for a modern, edgy vibe.

Don’t Neglect the Little Touches

Once color coordination for the bedroom is balanced, utilize various little touches to really bring the space together. Try using a curtain instead of a traditional headboard, or a canopy made of sleek metal rather than flowing drapery.

Other bedroom home decor ideas include using a variety of textures to shake up the room, like a bed scarf covered with rhinestones to contrast with a luxurious down alternative comforter. Or try adding a leather lounge chair, instead of the usual cushy armchair, for a dynamic look.

Do not forget the window coverings. Dress up blinds with artfully looped drapes or choose a set of long curtains in the same vibrant accent color for a dramatic flair. Adding a sheer set of curtains underneath the solid ones can lend an elegant, clean finish to the bedroom.

Show Us Your Style

Whether that is bold and brassy or subtle and sweet, we want to see your bedroom home decor ideas. Get in touch with us on social media to share the ways you have upgraded your space. While you are decorating, check out our bedroom offerings of high-quality, soft, and luxurious sheets, duvets and more.

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