How to Decorate Your Bedroom for Christmas

A close-up view of a red and white Christmas ornament and bow hanging on a tree

Wondering how to decorate your bedroom for Christmas? With the nights getting longer and the weather turning, it’s time to think about transforming your home to celebrate the festive season.

Many people celebrate by putting up decorations both indoors and out. These decorations range from sparkling lights to scented candles, to special holiday fabrics that only come out once a year.

Holiday fabrics don’t have to be kitschy or corny. There’s nothing wrong with bedsheets that feature snowman prints or giant merry Santa faces, but most of the time these “on the nose” decorations go over better with the kids. For a master bedroom or adult guest room, the holiday season cheer can take on a subtler, richer philosophy. So here’s our take on how to decorate your bedroom for Christmas in a more sophisticated way.

The Bed Is the Centerpiece

Both in terms of historical tradition and the sheer amount of space it takes up in a bedroom, your bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom decoration. So when you’re thinking about how to decorate your bedroom for Christmas, start here.

Fine Egyptian Cotton

Our Egyptian cotton sheet sets are the bestselling favorite that made REB famous. Grown in the Nile River Valley and sourced directly from the farmers — which lets us give you a great price! — this cotton has been revered throughout history for its long fibers that allow for very high thread counts, making it supple and durable. You can actually feel the quality when you touch it. This is the same cotton used by 5-star hotels around the world.

Egyptian cotton is ancient and was widely prized by royals and nobles throughout antiquity — including in the Levant in the time of Christ over two thousand years ago. When we talk about a more “sophisticated” way to think about how to decorate your bedroom for Christmas, this is the perfect example. You can use the same materials that ancient royalty used!

Egyptian cotton is also nice and warm, perfect for a chilly winter bedroom (and saving you money on heating costs). These sheets feel so nice to crawl into at the end of a long day, giving you something to appreciate and show thanks for. Sentiments like these are very much in the true spirit of Christmas. And that’s the real secret of how to decorate your bedroom for Christmas — capture the spirit of the season.

Rich, Fully Saturated Colors

A striped burgundy bedding set by REB
Historically, winter holidays have been a celebration of light and color. That’s because winter can be dreary with its long nights, bare trees, and fields of mud or snow. Color reminds us of brighter times.

In autumn, the seasonal color schemes focus on earth tones like orange and yellow. Winter changes that by going for a much bolder look: bright reds, greens, golds, and “royal” colors like purple and blue. To truly understand how to decorate your bedroom for Christmas, you have to understand the importance of bold colors.

Our premium sheets come in about a dozen different colors, but for the holidays we recommend vivid, saturated colors like burgundy, chocolate, gold, or sage. These colors aren’t as loud as, say, a pure red or a pure green, but offer a certain elegance that uplifts any bedroom.

What To Buy?

So, when you’re planning how to decorate your bedroom for Christmas, what should you buy? To complete your Christmas bedding, here’s what you’ll need:

A Sheet Set

For the ultimate in premium holiday bedding, you’ll want our 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet sets, which are available both in solid color and in a striped pattern. Each set features a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases (one case for twin size), and is available in all common and extended mattress sizes.

A Duvet Cover Set

Our duvet cover sets go on your duvet (comforter) to protect it while also making your bed look beautiful. This is a must-have when figuring out how to decorate your bedroom for Christmas.

As with our sheet sets, our 1500 thread count duvet cover sets are made from 100% Egyptian cotton and come in both solid and striped versions. Each set comes with one duvet cover and two decorative pillow shams (one sham for twin sizes).

Looking for a warm and luscious duvet comforter to go with these sumptuous Egyptian cotton duvet covers? Explore REB’s collection of fine goose down comforters.

Complementary Color Bursts

Here’s the next step in how to decorate your bedroom for Christmas. For an extra dollop of festivity, we recommend buying at least two different colors, and mixing and matching them on the bed. For instance, use Burgundy pillowcases and Gold pillow shams (or vice versa), or a Sage fitted sheet and Burgundy flat sheet.

These color contrasts are a treat to the eye and really draw attention. This kind of color layering is one of the tricks that luxury resorts use to achieve their spell of elegance and refinement.

The Rest of the Bedroom & Master Bath

Burgundy Turkish cotton towels by REB

Your bed is the most important part of how to decorate your bedroom for Christmas. The decorating decisions you make for your bed will inspire your imagination for the rest of your bedroom. Some popular ideas include candles, wreaths, faerie lights, and sparkling hanging decorations.

As for the master bathroom, our Bath Linen collections were practically made for Christmas.

  • Robes: Our terry bath robes are perfect not only for Christmas Morning itself but for any cold winter morning when you just want to linger and relax in the comforts of your own home for a little while before starting the day. We also have kids’ sizes available!
  • Rugs: Our combed terry bath rugs are a gift to one of the most overlooked parts of the human body: our feet! Nobody likes standing on a cold bathroom floor or flimsy bath mat. These comfy, fluffy rugs will delight your feet and make you smile as you wiggle your toes in them, guaranteed.
  • Towels: Our Turkish cotton bath towel sets are soft, absorbent, and just as stylish as any of the other fine cotton fabrics at REB. By changing your towels out to match your Christmas colors in the bedroom, you can coordinate and emphasize the festive look. 

Season’s Greetings from REB

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at how to decorate your bedroom for Christmas. As a purveyor of fine luxury bedding, including our famous Egyptian cotton sheet sets, REB is proud to offer you the highest quality bedding around.

For so many folks, the holiday season signifies wrapping up a challenging year. That’s why it’s more important than ever for all of us to let ourselves have something to love and cherish this holiday season. Whether you’re grateful for your family, your friends, employment, a nice home, good food to eat, good health, or simply the good fortune to have survived another year, let’s celebrate the many good things that exist in our lives. If you’re able, this is a good year to splurge a little bit on something to light up your home. That is how to decorate your bedroom for Christmas.

From all of us at REB we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukkah, and Happy Holidays to those of any other faith or none at all.

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