How to Design a Masculine Bedroom

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The man in your life is ready for a change. No, it’s not you. It’s your room. 

Floral patterns and soft colors are common in master bedrooms, but those aren’t exactly every man’s cup of tea. Of course, we’ve all seen the man caves with black walls dotted with hunting trophy mounts — but that certainly doesn’t appeal to every man either. Fortunately, there exists a compromise with the perfect contemporary men’s bedroom design.

The best masculine bedding and decor ideas allow you to create a space that is sophisticated and strong without sacrificing the feelings of kindness and warmth that you want your room to exude. Here are the top men’s bedroom design tips to follow to create a truly masculine and classy bedroom.

Introduce Hard Lines and Geometric Shapes to Achieve the Ideal Mens Bedroom Design

As a general rule of thumb, a feminine room has more curvature than you’d find in a men’s bedroom design. So, to inject a little testosterone into your room, incorporate patterns and furniture featuring geometrical shapes, square corners, and straight edges. Consider also adding decor and furniture that are strong and sturdy. However, add a touch of softness to the room by adding textured wallpaper and wall art, which will keep your room looking and feeling inviting

Use Tough Materials Combined with Lighter Upholstery

Another way to achieve the perfect male bedroom design is to introduce materials that have traditionally been deemed masculine, like wood, burlap, and leather. However, add balance to the room by also incorporating lighter upholstery and fabrics into the space. Tweed, linen, and even wool are excellent compliments to your favorite masculine materials.

Choose Neutral Colors

Black is indeed a manly color. But too much black — or any dark color, for that matter — will absorb your room’s light, leaving you with a gloomy, dim space. To achieve the opposite effect, add beige or ivory Egyptian cotton sheets, goose down comforters, wall pictures, and other elements to the room. If you prefer deep colors, try colors like burgundy, chocolate, or taupe. Allow plenty of natural lighting to fill your room, too, if possible.

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