Launder Sheets Like a Pro

Laundering Sheets Like a Pro

Egyptian cotton is a long staple variety as it is handpicked which ensures the cotton fibers are straight and intact. When cotton is mechanically picked, the same effect cannot be achieved. Bedding made from Egyptian cotton as compared to other types of cotton is comfortable, highly durable and feels like silk when laid on. Owing to their superior quality, when you step out to buy Egyptian cotton sheets, you have to be prepared to shell out extra on them. Since this brand of bedding is far more expensive than the other readily available options, their aftercare should be such that you continue to enjoy their goodness for far longer.

Some useful tips to help you take good care of your Egyptian cotton sheets and prevent them from unnecessary damage are:

Wash Separately
It is better to wash your linen separately instead of adding them along with other clothing items. By doing so, there are no chances of them getting entangled with another laundry, they will not be exposed to zippers from outfits tearing through them, nor is there a possibility of running colors staining them. Though the sheet material is durable, Egyptian cotton makes them very soft to the touch hence; if you treat them gently they will last much longer.

Use Minimal Detergent
Using a mild detergent in lesser quantity than you would normally add before starting the washing cycle is recommended for Egyptian cotton sheets. Minimal detergent is sufficient for a thorough wash. Eco-friendly powders are the best bet as they do not use harmful caustic sodas or bleaches. Moreover, using a mild washing agent will not expose your sheets to any harsh chemicals thereby preventing them from possible damage.

Gentle Cycle Preferred
While setting your washing machine prior to commencing the wash, preferably set it on the gentlest cycle using cold water. A rigorous cycle is too extreme for your superior Egyptian cotton sheets and will unnecessarily expose them to wear and tear. Also, when the water temperature is hot, the cotton fibers tend to shrink during the washing process and the dyed cotton sheets may lose some of their color leaving them looking slightly faded.

Prior Removal of Stains
Before washing your sheets, it is advisable to remove any stains present on your Egyptian cotton sheets. This is important since you will not be subjecting them to a harsh wash, hot water or a strong detergent. Some recommended stain removers that will not adversely affect the quality of your sheets are baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

Dry with Care
After you buy Egyptian cotton sheets, they should not be put through a rigorous spinning process or dried using the warmest setting on your dryer. For those who have an outdoor clothes line, the sheets can be completely opened up and freshly air dried. This method also naturally removes the creases that develop during the washing process. When opting for the dryer, use tumble dry or low heat and add natural dryer sheets or wool dryer balls to your machine along with your sheets. Avoid over drying your sheets in the dryer as that tends to contract the cotton fibers, leading to excessive creasing.

Iron Sheets Out
When using your iron to take out the creases from your Egyptian cotton sheets post washing them, your clothes iron should be set such that it does not damage the cotton fibers while ironing. Instead of the traditional high cotton setting, opt for the warm setting on your clothes iron. A steam iron is ideal to remove stubborn creases. In this manner, your sheets will not be prone to any damage.

Good quality cotton sheets deserve to be appropriately maintained to derive the best value for every penny spent on them.

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