Perfect Winter Bedroom Decor Ideas

cozy winter bedroom with snow outside

Summer will soon give way to fall, and fall will quickly give way to winter. With the rapid change in seasons, now couldn’t be a better time to begin transforming your bedroom into a cozy winter space — one that will welcome you on the coldest of days.

The question is, how exactly can you get your room winter ready without a whole lot of hassle? Fortunately, a variety of simple, snuggly strategies exist for decorating your sleeping space as the temperature begins to dip. Here’s a rundown on the top winter bedroom ideas to take advantage of in 2021.

Choose Warm, Soothing Hues for Your Sheets

One of the easiest winter bedroom decorating ideas to tap into during the upcoming season is to give it a warm and soft vibe with your bedding. To do this, choose warm-toned sheets, such as a sheet set in the hue of sage, taupe, ivory, or burgundy. Even chocolate and gold are trendy winter sheet colors in 2021. These colors offer the perfect contrast to the bleak wintery scene you’ll be trudging through day in and day out during the winter season.

warm decor ideas for a winter bedroom in an apartment

Snuggle Up in the Right Comforter

As you explore the top winter bedroom ideas this year, consider also adding a goose down comforter to your bed. Unlike a traditional comforter, a thick goose comforter offers the weight and soft touch you need to stay relaxed and toasty during those lengthy winter nights. Plus, goose down is extremely breathable, ideal for those who suffer from winter-season allergies. 

You may also want to add some throw pillows to the mix to create a cozy winter bedroom. These pillows will further add a snuggly, warm feel to your room. The combination of your sheets, comforter, and throw pillows will no doubt turn the act of crawling into bed each night a divine experience.

Add a Comfortable Rug to Your Bedroom

No list featuring winter bedroom ideas would be complete without mentioning rugs. The reality is, tile floors and hardwood flooring look clean and feel crisp. However, they can feel cold when you walk barefoot on them. For this reason, consider adding a soft area rug in a warm color to your floor to create a truly cozy winter bedroom this year.

 bed on wooden floor with area rug

Make a Cozy, Winter-Ready Bedroom with the Help of REB

If you’re interested in turning your bedroom into a pleasant winter retreat, we’ve got you and your bed covered at REB. Our high-quality, soft, and luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets are designed to give you a taste of five-star luxury every time you retire for the evening. 

We also offer ultra-comfortable down alternative comforters and goose down comforters that will leave you feeling like you’re sleeping under a cloud. With our products, you can experience the highest levels of relaxation and comfort each time you flop into bed.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our silky bedding options, and experience the REB difference in your bedroom today.

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