Spring Cleaning 2022: Remodel with Confidence

At the turn of the new year, you’ll likely start making plans to elevate your professional, academic, or personal life in the year ahead. And one of those plans may very well be a good, long-overdue spring cleaning.

Smart thinking.

Spring cleaning is a tradition with multiple benefits. First, it allows you to get your home fully cleaned out at least one time per year, which is great for health reasons. Second, it gets your humble abode ready for the summer fun you anticipate having on your property. And third, a thoroughly cleaned living space can help you to feel more at ease mentally and emotionally—an excellent way to kick start the rest of the year.

The question is, how exactly can you begin spring cleaning in 2022 with confidence? Here’s a rundown on the top spring cleaning and organizing tips for 2022.


One of the best 2022 spring cleaning moves you can make is to declutter the problem areas of your home. These areas might include your closets or your attic. To begin this process, analyze why these areas are cluttered, and then determine the proper solutions for removing your excess belongings.

For instance, sort all of the belongings you come across into four groups: put away, store, give away, and trash. Then, assign each piece of clutter to a group. This will help you to clear away any items you truly don’t need and free up more space in your home in the spring.


As you embark on spring cleaning in 2022, be sure to also pay close attention to all of the surfaces that need to be wiped down. These include bookcases and lamps that need dusting. They also include scuff marks that need to be removed from baseboards, windows needing cleaning, and wooden furniture that needs polishing.

girl holding a squirt bottle and mop


Finally, don’t forget to incorporate changing your pillowcases, sheets, and comforters into your spring cleaning and organizing regimen. You should really change your cotton and organic bamboo sheets once a week, as they collect everything that you shed while you’re sleeping. Likewise, you should ideally change your comforters and duvet covers once a month or every couple of months. However, in case you’re slacking in this area, be sure to definitely change this bedding during your 2022 spring cleaning period. Spring is also an excellent time to replace your old bedding with new bedding to give your home a cleaner and fresher look and feel.

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