Spring Cleaning: The Bedroom


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Though a deep clean can happen at any time of the year, we love spring. The air is fresh, and our living spaces should be as well. Some people clean haphazardly or without a plan, and while that method can work, we at Royal Egyptian Bedding encourage approaching how to spring clean in a more organized way.

Gather Cleaning Supplies

A deep spring clean needs a variety of supplies that will change depending on your bedroom’s layout. Here is a list of general cleaning tools to get started:

  • Bags/buckets for loose items
  • Cloths, towels, etc. for wiping surfaces
  • All-purpose cleaning spray/solution
  • Duster/dust mitt
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Mop and floor cleaning solution

Once all your supplies are in place, close the door, open the windows and get down to spring cleaning your bedroom.

Tidy Up

Grab bags or boxes and take care of the last little bits of clutter. An efficient spring cleaning how-to? Sort items into categories, like dirty laundry, things that belong in the living room or things you want to donate. Put these items away, but do not get distracted by outside tasks or things happening in another area of the house.

Dust Everything

When it comes to a good how-to, we say to always begin spring cleaning your bedroom with dusting and always dust higher surfaces first. Begin with one area, like bookshelves, and move clockwise around the room to minimize dust settling on surfaces you just cleaned.

Remove items like books and knick-knacks from shelves, dust underneath them, and dust them as you put them back. Do not forget to dust easily overlooked places like the bedframe and especially the closet. Remember to dust lampshades and even the tops of doors.

Clean the Windows

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When talking about how to spring clean, do not overlook the windows. Remove drapes and put them in the washing machine, if they will fit. Wipe down blinds with a damp cloth, or dust them during the dusting stage.

Use a smudge-free window cleaning solution and wipe down the inside of the glass. If you can reach the outside, do that too. To better see potential streaks, try and clean the windows during the day. Do not forget to get into the window tracks with either a toothbrush or an attachment on the vacuum.

Wash the Bedding

Perhaps most important of all when spring cleaning your bedroom is cleaning the bedding and mattress. Remove all bedding, including mattress covers and your 100% Egyptian cotton sheets, and wash in the hottest water the material allows.

Thoroughly vacuum the mattress and allow it to air out. If you have space outside, try putting it in the sun for a few hours and rotating it halfway through. If you cannot get your mattress outside, lean it near an open window.

This is an ideal opportunity to know how to spring clean under the bed. Find that lost sock, the remote control, or abandoned earplugs and clean them. Reorganize any boxes or storage. Vacuum thoroughly and wipe down the bed frame.

The Floor

bedroom with hardwood floor and white upholstered bedThe last step when dealing with how to spring clean your bedroom is the floor. If you have carpeting, vacuum it thoroughly or consider a steam clean. If you have hardwood or another non-carpeted type of flooring, mop it with the appropriate cleaning solution. We especially like natural cleaners, like a mixture of warm water, white vinegar, and rubbing alcohol.

Put it Back Together

Now that all surfaces in your bedroom have been dusted, wiped, washed, and dried, put everything back in its place, curl up under your luxurious duvet, and bask in your efficiency. Get in touch with us on social media to show us your “how to spring clean” before and afters, or contact us for your next set of Egyptian cotton sheets.

Spring Clean Your Bedroom

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