Spring Colors 2022: What to Look For

Just as you manage to get through the holiday chaos, your mind is already on spring. You’re ready to welcome the spring sunshine, showers, and flowers, and you’re also thinking about how to transform your bedroom into the perfect springtime oasis. 

Before you begin your bedroom planning, though, it’s critical that you know what to look for in terms of spring colors. Which hues will bring in the warmth and light that your room desperately needs at the turn of the season?

Here’s a rundown on the top spring colors for 2022, as well as how you can incorporate them into your bedroom.


As you plan your spring bedroom decor, consider adding a buttery tone to the mix with some gold Egyptian cotton sheets. This hue offers warmth and brings in light. At the same time, it’s very soft and muted. It can almost act as a neutral color. With golden cotton sheets, you’ll give your bedroom a luxurious, soft, and creamy touch that will make it irresistible to the eye as well as to the skin.

bedroom filled with neutral 2022 spring colors


Another one of the top spring colors for 2022 is green, especially sage. This color is the perfect choice if you’re shopping for organic bamboo sheets, for example. That’s because it is an all-rounder, dependable, and highly versatile hue that can almost act as a core bedroom color. Because they are extremely grounding, green shades, like sage, have a unique way of empowering all other colors.

All in all, sage stands out for being balanced, comforting, and restful and timeless, making it a hue option you can never go wrong with.


The best spring colors for 2022 also include the trusty-dusty blue hues of spring skies and seashores. For instance, if you have a waterbed, consider adding some blue waterbed sheets to truly capture the feel of sleeping on the ocean waves in a springtime breeze. This hue is known for emitting a reassuring and grounded feeling. It speaks to the most beautiful artisanal qualities.

If you’re looking to give your bedroom a gentle, soothing, and peaceful vibe, blue is one of the best options there is for bedding and other bedroom decor, like curtains and rugs.

photo of bed sheets with hint of blue

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