The Magical Process of Sheet Manufacturing

You sleep on your sheets every night…but have you ever wondered how they got that way? What makes sheets soft? How are bed sheets made? Learn about the magical process of bedding manufacturing at Royal Egyptian Bedding.

Rumpled gray sheets on a bed

The Basics of Bedding Manufacturing

Before we go over the process of making sheets, let’s cover the basics of what sheets typically are: a rectangle of woven fabric that has no center seam but does have hems at the top and bottom. Bed sheets may be made of a variety of fabrics, but a common weave is of all cotton as the raw material used to make the sheets.

To make the sheets, manufacturers get the raw material and then mold it. Cotton producers gather cotton into wool bales that may still have dirt and debris. So, the first step for how bed sheets are made is to clean or bleach the cotton. Then cotton is woven and dyed into the sheets. The weaving process can vary in steps, including methods for blending, carding, drawing, testing, roving, spinning, slashing, and more. The magic of bedding manufacturing comes in the detail and care applied in this part of the process.

Thread Count, Ply, and More Magic Details

Most of the time, sheets on sale are differentiated from each other by characteristics like thread count and fly. These technical factors are established and applied carefully during the weaving process. Thread count provides the number of threads in a square inch of fabric; typically, a higher thread count translates to a higher quality sheet.

“Ply” measures how many layers the fabric has. Layering generally means sheets are made of lower-quality components put together to resemble a higher-quality thread count bedding. If you want your sheets to feel as magical as the process to make them is, then we recommend that you go for the best that 1-ply bedding manufacturing can provide!

 An example of steps of cloth being threaded through a loom to make a sheet

How Are Bed Sheets Made at Royal Egyptian Bedding?

Bedding manufacturing starts with getting the right cotton. At Royal Egyptian Bedding, we carefully sterilize the pure Egyptian cotton we procure, combing and then spinning the fibers. The fibers are then woven together, processed further, dyed, and washed in our specially formulated system that ensures quality softness for sheets in rich colors that last.

Many companies claim to get their cotton authentically, but there is no way to be sure unless you do it yourself. At Royal Egyptian Bedding, we cut out the middleman, procuring our cotton directly from the Egyptian farmers who grow it. This lets our products be superior and special. Our sheets are the most luxurious in America! If you’re ready to discover the REB difference for yourself, browse our collection of premium sheets to discover true bedtime luxury.

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