Warm Winter Bedding with a Luxury Look

Luxurious Winter Bedding

There is something special about warm winter bedding. After a long, cold winter’s day, there might not be any better feeling in the world than crawling into a clean bed with fresh sheets and a gorgeous goose down comforter that gets you warm and toasty as you drift off to sleep.

Join us today in the REB Blog for a look at the best bedding to stay warm and toasty this winter.

Warmth and Luxury Together

The most important purpose of bedding—even more important than comfort—is warmth. At Royal Egyptian Bedding, we proudly craft high-quality, warm winter bedding that will keep you cozy even in a chilly, drafty room. We carry some of the warmest blanket materials and bedstuffs around, like goose down, memory foam, and high-thread count Egyptian cotton.

Of course, we do not stop at warmth. Our mission is luxury. We want you to have an amazing sleep experience, like you would get at a 5-star hotel or luxury resort. All of those same materials we mentioned, particularly our famous Egyptian cotton sheets, are designed with the quality and elegance to recreate your favorite luxury sleep experience.

From top to bottom, here are warm winter bedding recommendations for you this winter:

The Bottom Layer: Mattress Toppers and Memory Foam Pads

Did you know that, when camping outdoors, it is more important to have warm bedding beneath you than on top? This is because the ground is a better heat conductor than the air, which means that cold ground will make you cold faster than cold air will. This is true indoors as well: If your mattress sleeps cool, then it is important to have some warm winter bedding between you and the mattress in order to increase your insulation.

A mattress topper or memory foam pad is perfect for creating a layer of warmths underneath you. Memory foam in particular is an excellent insulator. Once it warms up, it can keep you toasty all night long. Better yet, it adds a distinctive softness that cushions your body without undermining the support that your mattress provides.

The Middle Layer: Fine Egyptian Cotton Sheets

When it comes to your bedsheets, the warmest blanket material around is Egyptian cotton with a high thread count. Our Egyptian cotton, grown and sourced directly from farmers in the Nile Valley of Egypt, is famous for its long-staple fibers that allow for dense weaves with an amazing thread count. The higher the thread count, the more material there is per square inch, which means the warmer the sheets will be.

Our 100% Egyptian cotton sheet sets are supple, soft, and bursting with color. This warm winter bedding comes in single-ply thread counts as high as 1,500, and is available in both solid and striped patterns.

The Top Layer: White Goose Down

Our premium goose down comforters are the perfect way to top off your luxurious warm winter bedding ensemble—both literally and figuratively. Goose down is the warmest blanket material of all, and our spectacular comforters are filled with pure, ethically-sourced down.

You can protect your luxury comforter with one of our Egyptian cotton duvet cover sets, which include decorative pillow shams to complete the look of your bed.

Explore Warm Winter Bedding at REB

When it comes to our bedding, we love the winter. The cold winter weather lets good sheets and blankets truly shine.

Start exploring our warm winter bedding for yourself today. With so many colors and patterns to choose from, there is something amazing waiting just for you.

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