What Kind of Luxury Sheets Do 5-Star Hotels Use?

hotel bed with luxury white sheets and pillows, blue duvet, picture, window, and lamp

Luxury hotels have some of the most comfortable beds in the world. When you go to a hotel and curl up in bed, you feel the soft, cozy sheets and never want to leave. Thankfully, hotels don’t keep their sheets a secret. You can enjoy that same luxury feeling every night in your own bed by following these tips on creating a 5-star hotel-quality bed in your home.

9 Tips to Create A Hotel-Like Bed Set

1. Thread Count

You always hear about thread count when it comes to bed sheets. The higher the thread count, the better the quality and feel of the sheets. Most hotels use high thread count sheets, like 1500. A sheet with strands woven together to create 1000 plus threads is soft and durable; anything lower than 300 tends to unravel and become rough quickly. When choosing luxury hotel sheets for your room, take a close look at the thread count before purchasing.

2. Long Staple Threads

In addition to the thread count, long staple threads make a big difference in the comforting feel of sheets. Hotels need the durability of long strands that do not break because they wash and use the sheets so often. Extra long strands weave the sheet tighter and keep it feeling soft for longer. Long staple threads have less area for breakage due to mixing with other strands, so the sheets stay together more than they pill up.

3. Weave Style

Not all sheets are woven equally. Luxury hotel sheets typically use a percale weave, which means it is an over-under weave style. This particular style weaves the threads together for a longer-lasting, tighter knit. It also gives the feeling of a cool, crisp sheet when you get into bed.

4. Cotton Type

Hotels go for high-quality authentic cotton styles, like Egyptian cotton, over other types of cotton and microfibers. Egyptian cotton sheets in particular are lightweight with excellent airflow to keep you comfortable all night. The soothing, soft feel of the high thread count hotel-style sheets helps you fall asleep faster.

5. Hypoallergenic

The amount of allergens that enter your bed is astonishing, so having extra protection with top-quality material that protects against allergens is a plus. Hotels use luxury sheets with hypoallergenic fabric. In addition to keeping allergens at bay, these sheets are regularly washed to help remove natural dust and debris, helping to preserve the natural feel.

White luxury hotel sheets and pillows on bed

6. White Coloring

Hotels want to give the impression of cleanliness as a top priority. To achieve this, they typically choose white bed sheets. The white color shows any and all stains or marks right away, and is easy to clean when spills do occur. The plus side of this is that you can easily tell when white sheets are clean. The color of white mentally signifies to our brains an aspect of cleanliness. When you go to bed at night in white luxury hotel-like sheets, you will automatically sense the feeling of cleanliness, increasing your comfort.

7. Layers

Hotels want their sheets to feel luxurious and comforting. To accomplish this, they add layers to their beds. They start with a fitting and flat white sheet set. Then, they add a comforter and duvet cover to accent the room's color and make the bed the centerpiece of the whole area. Sometimes there is an additional duvet cover folded in half or quarters at the end of the bed.

The layers of sheets a bed has give it a cozy feel when you curl up into it. The lightweight cotton, white colors, and high thread count of the sheets give your bed the hotel-like feel you’re looking for.

8. Name Brand

When it comes to finding luxury hotel sheets, it’s all about the name brand. Hotels are picky about ensuring they have the best quality sheets in the market. They want every customer to enjoy a beautiful night of sleep in elegantly soft sheets. Therefore, they find the top name brands for their bedding needs.

9. Durability

Durability ties back to the previous points of material and thread count. The combination of quality material and high thread count leads to sheets that are incredibly durable, standing up to wear, tear, and multiple washes without issue. Durable sheets maintain their comfort for longer periods of time, and are essential in creating a luxury sleeping experience.

High Thread Count Sheets from Royal Egyptian Bedding

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