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We all know the delights of a freshly made bed at a 5-star luxury hotel. Everything is soft, crisp, clean, and neatly tucked in. Today, we are looking at
how to make your bed the same way beds are made at a luxury resort.

The secret is to use layers. There are three different sets of layers to think about:

  • The Foundation Layers: The mattress toppers and pads that provide softness.

  • The Cocoon Layers: The sheets that surround and caress you.

  • The Topping Layers: The blankets and comforters that keep you warm.

In this blog, we will look at the foundation layers.

How to Make Your Bed: Foundations

The best place to start is with the foundation layers. Right on top of your mattress, the first two layers are the mattress topper and the mattress pad.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The first layer is the mattress topper. While the mattress itself provides support to your body at your pressure points, the mattress topper is about feeling good from head to toe. A good mattress topper creates an extra layer of softness for you to nestle into and move around on.

When it comes to the question of how to make your bed truly luxurious, we like memory foam the best. Memory foam is far more comfortable than regular foam, and it will never flatten out or poke you like a featherbed. Memory foam nestles you closely so that you sink into it slightly. You can control the effect by getting a thinner or thicker memory foam pad. (See our bestselling 3-inch memory foam mattress topper.)

Ultra-Plush Mattress Pad

The mattress pad, sometimes called a bed pad, pulls double duty.

First, your mattress and mattress topper are difficult to clean, so the mattress pad serves as a physical barrier to prevent them from getting soiled. This is an often-overlooked part of how to make your bed, but a good mattress pad is an excellent investment. As long as you wash your mattress pad on a regular basis, your memory foam topper will stay fresh.

Second, a good mattress pad is extremely soft. This keeps you from losing the nestling power of the mattress topper below. Cheap mattress pads are fairly thick and hard. They have to be thick in order to do the job of creating a clean barrier, and if they are cheaply made then this means they will feel hard when you sleep on them. A good mattress pad needs to be soft enough that you do not even notice it is there.

At REB, our mattress pads are machine-washable, machine-dryable, and hypoallergenic, and they are always super-soft. (See our bestselling micro-plush ultra-soft hypoallergenic mattress pad.)

How to Make Your Bed with Foundation Layers

There are no special bed-making techniques for making your bed with these layers. There are a few general guidelines:

  • The mattress topper goes at the bottom and should be as thick or thin as you like. (If you are not sure, we recommend 3 inches of memory foam.)

  • The mattress pad goes above the topper. You should wash it regularly, roughly every month or two.

  • A mattress topper adds depth, so you will need bigger sheets to accommodate it. At REB, all of our bed sheets are generously cut, with plenty of room to cover mattress toppers of any size.

Stay tuned for the next installment of our “How to Make Your Bed” series.