How to Avoid Pilling Bed Sheets

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Getting a restful night of sleep under soft, luxurious sheets is probably one of your favorite times of the day. However, when you start to have tiny knots pop up in your bed linen’s fabric, the joy of sleeping is not as blissful. 

Pilling occurs when bedding fibers begin to break apart and twist into small knots on the fabric's surface. Once pilling starts, the sheets lose their soft feel and durability. Learn how to keep sheets from pilling with our six tricks. 

6 Tips to Avoid Pilling Sheets and Covers

    • Buy Quality Bedding

      Most of the time, pilling bed sheets comes down to the quality of the bedding you bought. Typically, the higher the material quality, the longer the sheet fibers will last and stay soft and smooth.

      At Royal Egyptian Bedding, we make our bedding sheets, comforters, duvets, and pillowcases from 100% Egyptian cotton fabrics. Our material is a high-quality cotton fiber with extra strength and durability naturally built into the cotton weave. 

    • Long Fiber Cuts

      When companies cut the fibers into long strands, the fabric lasts longer because the fibers do not break or fray as easily. Shorter cuts tend to unravel quickly and produce pilling in your bed sheets. 

      Our Egyptian cotton threads have long staple strands that create a smooth texture throughout the sheet. We make sure in our manufacturing process to keep our strands intact to maintain the excellent strength in the threads we use to design the bed sheets.

    • Mild Detergents and Chemicals

      When learning how to keep sheets from pilling, clean with only mild detergents or chemicals. Harsh ingredients, like bleach, can dry out the material causing it to lose its average life expectancy. When washing and drying, follow the manufacturer's guidelines to care for your linens so that your bed sheets do not pill over time.

      Our process for creating the threads of our sheets and covers goes through an extensive cycle that includes dying, cleaning, and drying to ensure the best quality material. When using our sheets and comforters, follow our cleaning instructions to get the most life out of your bedding.

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  • Do Not Store in Sunlight

    When looking for secrets on how to keep your sheets from pilling, think about air drying sheets and duvets on a sunny day to provide a fresh scent to your material. However, take care not to store your bed sheets in direct sunlight for long periods. The sun's rays will eventually dry out the sheets and break down the fibers just as a dryer would. When this begins to happen, it will lead to pilling bed sheets.

    Instead, wash, dry, and store your sheets in a well-ventilated area with little light. Also, ensure your sheets are completely dry before storing them so bacteria doesn’t have a chance to grow and cause a musty odor.

    REB knows the importance of storing your bedding correctly, so we ship our quality sheets and covers in a reusable zippered bag. This ensures you keep the covers neat and safe between uses.

  • Keep Away From Heat

    In addition to sunlight, direct heat sources can also impact bedding and cause early pilling and deterioration. Keep bedding sheets and covers away from heaters, vents, or hot attics. As the heat rises, the moisture within the fibers begins to evaporate, which will dry them out and leave your bed sheets prone to pilling.

  • Foot Care

    You may not have thought that you could be the problem with your sheets wearing away, but another way sheets begin pilling is from dry, cracked feet. When fabrics consistently rub with dry, hard skin, it wears down the fibers and causes fiber breaks in that specific area. 

    If you notice fabric knots in the area your feet land on the covers, it may be time to spend a little extra care on your heels. Use moisturizer and foot scrubs to remove the dry skin from your feet. Not only will your sheets appreciate it, but so will your feet.

Royal Egyptian Bedding's Quality Sheets

Our top-quality bedding sheets and comforters are amazing to snuggle into at night. The process we use to create our sheets, thread count, ply, and cotton, all come together to make a luxury linen that lasts. When looking at how to keep your bed sheets from pilling, keep in mind the fabric type, storage, cleanliness, and proper care with which you handle them. Start with our high-quality bed sheets today to feel the luxurious softness of sleeping on clouds!

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