How To Set Up a Cozy Bedroom With Rustic Bed Sheets, Decor, and More

Vase of white flowers on a rustic wooden table next to a comfortable bed

The true essence of rustic design is capturing the comfort of home in all its lived-in, organic glory. To create the ideal rustic aesthetic, you should incorporate some level of country style and artful distress. Ensure maximum comfort with elements such as high thread count rustic bed sheets.

We will explore several ways you can achieve a cozy rustic feel in your bedroom by paying attention to your color palette, key decor elements, and bedding essentials. Consider these tips to turn your sleeping space into a warm and comfortable sanctuary.

     1. Use Reclaimed Wood in a Modern Rustic Color Palette

    Reclaimed wood is not just eco-friendly. It also has the soft, gentle distress that is a key component of every rustic design. The epitome of classic rustic design is a log cabin, so you should try to include the type of reclaimed wood you’d find in a Smoky Mountain cabin.

    Get creative. You can use reclaimed wood in everything: furniture, ceilings, wall panels, wooden fans, flooring, bed frames, decorative accent pieces, and more. Find wood that compliments your rustic bed sheets and bedding for a cohesive look.

         2. Use Soft, Natural Earth Tones

    It makes perfect sense that natural colors would best suit a nature-inspired rustic bedroom theme. Bright jewel tones evoke a sense of glamour, indulgence, and energy — none of which suit the calming environment of a rustic bedroom.

    A modern rustic color palette should use muted tones found in nature, such as browns, light blues, light greens, and soft ambers. This does not mean rustic should be bland! Include pops of color using elements such as floral patterns and bright, variegated ferns.

         3. Opt for High-Quality Bed Sheets

    If there’s one area you should invest in for the comfort of your bedroom, it’s high quality rustic bed sheets. A homey, comforting feel that rustic style evokes should always be accompanied by softness and comfort that you can feel. Opting for rustic bed sheets made with Egyptian cotton and high thread count in a single ply weave is perfect.

    Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, naturally, so high quality bed sheets and duvet covers can also be used to add to your modern rustic color palette. Choose your favorite soft tone that adds to your comforting image.

         4. Add a Brick Fireplace

    A fireplace is a cozy, beautiful feature that will give any modern bedroom a laid-back, country feel. If your bedroom has enough space and your budget allows for it, consider adding a classic or faux electric fireplace as the central feature of your rustic bedroom.

    The warmth and comfort that a fireplace emanates are irreplaceable, and the fixture does wonders to add to your rustic design. It’s also a fantastic way to keep warm in the winter.

    We hope you’ve been inspired to incorporate more rustic elements into your bedroom. To find the finest quality Egyptian cotton rustic bed sheets and more, visit Royal Egyptian Bedding.

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