Down Alternative Standard or Queen Pillow Set of 2 - Pair

Down Alternative Standard/Queen Pillow Set of 2 (pair)

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This soft, fluffy queen sized down alternative pillow will encourage restful sleep. Build a luxury hotel experience in the comforts of home with this amazing pillow.

  • The Queen Size dimensions of this pillow are 20" × 28", with 28 oz. of high-quality white down alternative. This is a very common pillow size, so our queen size pillow will fit most of your standard pillowcases, or you can explore REB’s pillowcase collection.
  • This pillow is filled to a “Firm” consistency, which is enough to support the head and neck during sleep while still remaining soft, fluffy, and lightweight.
  • While the down in our traditional goose down pillows is meticulously cleaned according to the best practices of the bedding industry, some people do still have allergy concerns with it. Our down alternative material is fully hypoallergenic, making it suitable for anyone with down sensitivities.
  • The pillow is edged with double silky piping that gives it a premium look, just like the pillows found at a luxury resort.
Care Instructions
  • Unwrap the pillow carefully when it arrives, as it will be very tightly packed. Fluff the pillow up and air it out for a few hours before use. Any noticeable scent will mostly dissipate in a few hours and completely disappear within a day or two.
  • Dry clean only. While our queen sized down alternative pillow is technically machine washable, you will get much better results and longer life from the pillow with dry cleaning.