5 Differences Between Cotton and Microfiber Bedding

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As you climb into bed at night, you wonder how long you will have to toss and turn before you fall asleep. Fortunately, the right bedding can take the guesswork out of falling asleep. The question is, which types of sheets would serve you best when you have the option of microfiber versus cotton sheets?

Both cotton sheets and microfiber sheets do great jobs creating a more inviting sleep space. However, they do have some differences worth noting as you begin your sheet shopping.

Here’s a rundown on the difference between microfiber and cotton.

  1. Sheet Breathability

Cotton is natural and microfiber is synthetic. However, they are both very breathable. This means that air can easily and quickly circulate through the fabric regardless of several factors, such as the amount of pressure applied to your sheets, climate, or body heat. 

Still, unlike microfiber, cotton is absorbent and dries quickly. Meanwhile, microfiber actually repels water. Both types of sheets, however, are designed to keep you from overheating at night.

  1. Sheet Wrinkling

Another major difference between microfiber and cotton has to do with their propensity to develop wrinkles. As a general rule of thumb, microfiber sheets more easily resist wrinkles than cotton sheets do. However, both types of sheets are woven in a manner that makes them extremely durable while maintaining softness. 

  1. Sheet Feel 

Yet another noteworthy difference between microfiber and cotton is that microfiber can sometimes feel a bit silkier and more velvety compared with cotton. However, this doesn’t mean that the finish of cotton sheets isn’t smooth, too. Cotton is extremely soothing to your skin, which makes it an excellent choice if you struggle with autoimmune diseases, like eczema and psoriasis, allergies, or sensitive skin. 

  1. Varieties of Sheet Quality

When it comes to comparing microfiber versus cotton sheets, there are different ways of measuring quality for each.

Cotton sheets’ quality is determined by their thread counts, or the quantity of threads that are woven per each square inch. Higher-thread-count sheets are smoother and softer.

Microfiber sheets’ quality is determined based on their ratings of grams in each square meter, or GSM. A GSM is that higher than 100 indicates that the sheet is high quality and strong. Meanwhile, a GSM that is under 90 is deemed low quality. 

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  1. Sheet Maintenance

Finally, one important difference between microfiber and cotton is maintenance. Both cotton sheets and microfiber sheets are easy to maintain, requiring no special instructions or fabric softeners. However, when you wash cotton sheets, you can expect them to soften with time and become smoother.

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