Fall Bedroom Decor Ideas to Get Your Bedroom Ready for Fall

Whether you like to change your style for the seasons or you live in an area that gets significantly colder during the fall, shifting your bedroom into a cozier place for the chillier months can help make it an area you will not want to leave. Here are our tips to subtly change your decor to mirror the fall season.
Fall Bedroom Decor Ideas to Get Your Bedroom Ready for Fall

The bed is arguably the biggest focal point in any bedroom. It is also one of the easiest decor pieces to change for the seasons. Satin sheets and light blankets are wonderful and cool in the summer months, but as the temperatures drop, it is time to change up the bedding.

Our favorite fall bedroom decor idea for the bed is to add a goose down comforter. Goose down is a luxurious, soft option that will keep you warm and toasty all throughout autumn. Choose a bright white comforter so you feel like you’re sleeping under a cloud, or, go with a darker hue to bring the colors of fall indoors.

Pair your fluffy comforter with plenty of goose down pillows for even more comfort. All that cushioned softness is the perfect place to curl up with a warm cup of coffee or tea and a good book. We are hard-pressed to think of a better way to spend a crisp, cool autumn evening.


Lounge chair draped with fur beneath string lights

Another essential area for fall bedroom decor ideas is the accessories and little touches throughout the bedroom. Place a faux fur rug at the foot of the bed or draped on a nearby chair for a rustic feeling and added texture. Pair this rug with a similar throw draped across the goose down comforter for a beautiful, layered look that avoids being too monochromatic.

Lamp shades are an easy-to-change way to shift the bedroom into fall mode. Trade normally bright white shades for warmer beiges or even a dramatic emerald tone. Swap out bright bulbs for lower, softer ones to automatically give the bedroom a gentle, welcoming vibe.

Adding new curtains or swapping out your normal ones is another easy fall bedroom decor idea. If you normally have light-colored curtains (or none at all) trade them for a darker hue. Not only will it help keep daylight out more effectively, but darker tones are quintessentially autumn. Opt for a rich brown or—if you are feeling bold—a burnt orange.

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