The Benefits of a Woven Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set

Woven Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set on bed

While traditional cotton bedding or bamboo bedding are amazing choices for any home, microfiber bedding is starting to trend. Microfiber can have a number of benefits when used for sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases. It is made by tiny fibers being woven together to create a smooth material. It is not only soft, though; microfiber bedding has some incredible properties that make it stand out.

A woven brushed microfiber sheet set is a great option to explore for anyone looking for new bedding for their home. Below, we have compiled a short guide that can help you decide whether microfiber bedding is right for you.

Microfiber is Great for Sensitive Skin

For anyone with extra-sensitive skin, a microfiber antimicrobial sheet set is a perfect choice. Where materials like cotton and linen can feel too rough for some people, a woven brushed microfiber sheet set can feel much softer and more gentle on skin. High-quality microfiber will not cause as much irritation for those with sensitive skin conditions.

Additionally, microfiber is antimicrobial. This means it can be a better choice than cotton or linen for anyone who easily experiences rashes or irritation. People often report that it helps relieve these types of skin conditions.

Keep Away Allergens and Bacteria With Microfiber

white microfiber bedding with pillows

One of the biggest benefits of microfiber bedding is that it is hypoallergenic. Allergens like dust mites and pet hair can easily cause allergic reactions, from stuffy noses and itchy eyes to skin rashes.

The tightly woven fibers that make up microfiber bedding do not allow for allergens to get trapped. Someone who is allergy prone will have less allergic reactions upon waking up after sleeping in a woven brushed microfiber sheet set. This is why so many people choose microfiber mattress pads and pillows, as well.

Microfiber sheets are also antimicrobial, which helps keep your bed feeling clean and fresh until your next laundry day. Getting an antimicrobial sheet set can also be extremely beneficial to anyone acne prone, as it lessens the bacteria that stays on your pillow night after night, helping to keep your skin clean and clear.

Microfiber Keeps You Warm and Toasty

Because the small fibers that make up microfiber bedding are so tightly woven together, it helps hold in heat. This makes a woven brushed microfiber sheet set perfect for cold winter nights. The woven fabric can keep your body heat wrapped around you, so you do not wake up shivering throughout the night.

Fabrics like Egyptian cotton can be great for dissipating heat and keeping you cool all year long. But for anyone who generally feels chilly at night, then microfiber may be the better bedding option.

Improve Your Sleep With Comfortable Microfiber Sheets

Well-made microfiber sheets can be just as soft and comfortable as traditional cotton or bamboo sheets. For anyone with sensitive skin or who is looking to stay warm at night, microfiber sheets and bed in a bag sets might be the right bedding choice.

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