Upcoming Bedding Trends of 2022

Your bedroom is the space where you can feel free to be yourself. So, naturally, you want your master bedroom to offer a peek into your personality and style. At the same time, you want your bedroom to look and feel like an in-vogue space worthy of a magazine spread.

The good news? It’s not hard to check off all the boxes for your dream bedroom in 2022 with the right bedding options. Just a couple of pieces are all you need to make your room look put together and welcoming from one day and night to the next.

Here’s a rundown on the top bedding trends for 2022 and why these 2022 bedroom trends are all the rave as we close out 2021.

Striped Sheets

One of the top bedding trends for 2022 is incorporating beautiful striped sheets into your bed ensemble. Why? Because stripes are eternally classic due to their balanced nature. This makes them a timeless design that will work in your bedroom in virtually every season, and they go great with anything. For instance, you can easily pair them with bedding or upholstery featuring florals, graphic patterns, or solids for a welcome touch of drama in your sleeping space.

Natural and Warm Colors

Another one of the top 2022 bedding trends is to add natural, warm sheet and comforter or duvet colors to your bed. Opt for earthy colors like taupe or sage, as they’ll naturally warm up your bedroom atmosphere and provide an authentic environment you’ll always feel comfortable in. What’s great about these hues is that you can easily mix them to your personal liking to achieve the perfect balance of homeliness and flair in your bedroom.

bed with green and tan bedding trend of 2022

Bed Runners

Consider also adding a bed runner to your mattress to further give your bed a sophisticated, five-star touch this fall. Hotels use bed runners simply because they make a bold statement when placed against white linen especially. Likewise, you can use a bed runner to enhance your bed’s appearance and keep your room looking attractive.

bed with purple pillow and white sheets

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