Egyptian Cotton High Thread Count Sheets

Find the highest quality 1500 thread count sheets made with pure Egyptian cotton when you shop with Royal Egyptian Bedding. Thread count is one of the leading indicators of softness and quality. A high thread count is one of the main reasons our Egyptian cotton sheets are among the most luxurious in America.


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    2 products

    2 products

    A Common Misconception About Quality

    Many consumers don’t understand what thread count means. Most people think it’s just another word for quality, so subpar manufacturers will falsely market their products as having a high thread count to trick shoppers into believing they’re made to a higher standard than they truly are.

    They use a trick involving a multi-ply weave in the fabric that layers multiple threads on top of one another to inflate the thread count artificially. Technically, this means the thread count is higher, but it doesn’t improve the quality. This trick often results in an inferior material that quickly breaks down over time. They’re not investing in higher quality threads that are built to last; they’re simply squeezing together thin, frail threads to achieve a higher thread count. 

    Truly quality, high thread count sheets will have stronger, more supple threads woven together in a tight, single-ply weave. Egyptian cotton is an incredibly durable material with extra-long fibers that bind together more efficiently. Egyptian cotton is also well known for its high thread counts.

    The Importance of Thread Count 

    Thread count essentially reveals the density of the sheet. Regarding high-quality sheets, a high thread count means that there’s more material in a given space. For instance, our 1500 thread count sheets are much thicker and heavier than the average sheet because of their higher thread count.

    The Benefits of High Thread Count Include:

    • Greater Durability
    • Resistance to Fraying
    • More Aesthetically Pleasing
    • Easier to Wash and Iron
    • Increased Softness

    Experience the Best 

    At REB, we use a single-ply weave that denotes quality. The thread counts in our products run from 300 thread count all the way up to 1500 thread count sheets. In antiquity, this level of luxury was only afforded by royalty. Today, you can experience it in the comfort of your own home with high thread count sheets from Royal Egyptian Bedding. Shop our products today, and contact us if you have any questions.