Egyptian Cotton 1500 Thread Count Sheets

At Royal Egyptian Bedding, we proudly offer Egyptian cotton 1500 thread count sheets. A high thread count is one reason why all of our Egyptian cotton sheets are the most luxurious sheets in America.

But what does a high thread count actually mean?


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    2 products


    A Commonly Misunderstood Measure of Quality

    There is a lot of misunderstanding out there about what thread count means. People use it as a shorthand for quality, so many manufacturers of poor-quality bedding will falsely market their products as having a high thread count to imply a level of quality that is not actually present.

    They often do this by using a multi-ply weave in their fabric, with multiple layers of threads on top of one another to artificially inflate the thread count. Sadly, this results in an inferior material that breaks down more quickly. The thin, frail thread can also be squeezed together more tightly to get an artificially high thread count.

    In contrast, a truly high-quality, high thread count sheet will have strong, supple thread woven together tightly in a single-ply weave. Egyptian cotton is well-known for its high thread counts.

    Why Thread Count Matters

    Thread count is essentially a measure of the denseness of a sheet. On a high-quality sheet, a high thread count means that there is more material in a given amount of space. In general, the higher the thread count, the heavier the sheet, like our 1500 thread count sheets. The benefits of a high thread count sheet are:

    • Greater durability and resistance to fraying.

    • A clean and luscious appearance.

    • Responds better to washing and ironing.

    • A sumptuous feel against the body.

    Try the Best

    At REB, all of our sheets use a single-ply weave. Our sheets start at 300 thread count and go as high as 1500 thread count sheets. Sheets this luxurious were historically the privilege of rulers, nobles and the wealthy. Now you can experience for yourself what Egyptian cotton 1500 thread count sheets feel like. Give our sheets a try today.