Bedding Ideas For A Warm Summer Color Palette In The Bedroom

Bright summery bedroom with white bed set and large open windows

Summer is the season of energy, spontaneity, and invigoration. Now is the time to transform a bedroom into something that gives you as much energy as the summer sun when you wake up in the morning.

There are several simple and inexpensive ways to brighten your bedroom and make it a summer sanctuary. Read the following tips to create a warm summer color palette, brought to you by Royal Egyptian Bedding.

     1. Incorporate Crisp White

Summer is a breath of fresh air, and crisp white sheets and linens give you the same relaxing atmosphere. White is the neutral base of all warm summer color palettes. If you find any inspiring images of summer themed bedrooms online, chances are they’re going to have several elements of clean white.

It could be as simple as switching out your duvet cover for a white one after the long winter is over. If you’re trying to permanently add elements of a summer themed bedroom, you could add white curtains or paint one of your walls white to create an accent wall.

     2. Add Bright Pops of Color

If you’re a fiend for color but you’ve always exercised restraint in favor of a calming, neutral bedroom, now is the season to let loose. Add your brightest, sunniest elements into your new summer themed bedroom. There’s no such thing as too bright in the hot season, especially if you’re adding these pops of color to a pure white background.

Decorations can come in the form of throw pillows, blankets, carefully arranged bouquets of flowers, and eye-catching wall hangings. Bright blue, turquoise, and yellow all are ideal hues for a warm summer color palette that still allow you to stay calm and sleep at night.

     3. Try Coastal Elements

When many of us think “summer”, images of beaches and sunsets at a lake come to mind. incorporating aquatic themed decor and soft blues and whites makes for a relaxing, inviting, and summery space.

To transform your bedroom into a coastal inspired beach escape, swap out your duvet for accent pillows for blue and or red nautical themed elements. Compliment your warm summer color palette with rustic aquatic themed decor such as baskets, driftwood, seashells, and coral can add elegance and refinement when done tastefully.

     4. Add Indoor Plants

If you’re creating a summer themed bedroom, add lots of greenery. Summer is about life and growth, so why not add a living, growing decoration?

Plants like philodendrons and hanging spider plants grow easily in low indoor light, and they’re a low maintenance addition that adds beautiful summer life and color into your space. They’re also great for air quality. Green is a perfect color for your ideal warm summer color palette. You really can’t go wrong with plants.

We hope this inspired you to create a new warm bedroom. Explore the blog at Royal Egyptian Bedding for more decoration tips and inspiration.

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