Top Design Styles to Inspire Your Spring Decor in 2022

bedroom featuring spring decor 2022 bright lights and greenery

When you’re staying in your home more often, you start becoming more connected to your house than ever. She’s been good to you, and now, you’re ready to do a little extra for her by dressing her up this spring.

The question is, how exactly do you go about making your bedroom and other parts of your home more beautiful and still functional in spring 2022? And how can you make certain that your design choices reflect today’s leading design aesthetics while still capturing your own personality in all of the details?

Fortunately, with the latest spring styles, it is not hard to turn your home into the ultimate refuge, a sustainable space, and a breeding ground for a whole new level of creativity. Here’s a rundown on the top spring 2022 home decor styles that will instantly breathe new life in your living space.

Spring 2022 Home Decor Trends for the Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heartbeat of your home, so one of the leading spring 2022 design styles is to make this cooking and gathering spot more colorful and creative than ever before. This does not necessarily mean that all-white kitchens are a thing of the past. However, 2022 will certainly see a greater demand for exhilarating hues like greens, blues, and even pinks. 

The spring of 2022 will also bring in a new wave of the demand for concealed appliances. To incorporate this into your kitchen, consider replacing your range with a cooktop. You can also add strategically placed drawers and cabinets to conceal coffee makers and blenders.


Need a welcome distraction from the hecticness of everyday life? Create the perfect bedroom retreat this spring by tapping into the following spring 2022 home decor style trends: geometric patterns, green accents, and canopy beds.

Geometric patterns never go out of style because symmetry is naturally beautiful, so don’t be bashful about adding a gorgeous geometric headboard to your space. Green accents in your silky sage 100% Egyptian cotton solid sheets can further improve your room’s look and feel. Green is inherently a calming and grounding hue, and when it is paired with these types of sheets, you will instantly feel as though you are resting on Cloud 9.

To add even more visual interest to your room, incorporate a decorative canopy bed into your space. And be sure to drape it with an organic bamboo duvet cover or a goose down comforter for the ultimate look and feel of luxury.


The bathroom is another matchless retreat, no matter how large or small it may be. To bring your bathroom in line with spring 2022 decor trends, outfit it with your favorite bold wallpaper on the ceiling and walls. 

Alternatively, use a white palette to invoke calmness into your bathing space. Then, pair it with beautiful wood accents; for instance, bring in a teak bench, which will give your bathroom a spa feel. Plush towels and bright window treatments will make the space look even more refreshing and inviting.

Living Room

When you want a place to kick back and relax for the day, no space rivals your living room or den. To bring these spaces up to spring 2022 decor style standards, try adding elements of heritage and craftsmanship to them. For instance, include handcrafted wood keepsakes in your room, which will give your space a more authentic, natural, cozy, and rustic vibe.

Also, let there be light. Bright lamps are an excellent way to turn your living room or den into a joyous retreat — one that inspires you and lifts your mood daily.

Going Natural Everywhere

Finally, introduce biophilic design — which incorporates nature into your living space — to reduce stress and improve your creativity, mood, and cognitive function. This spring 2022 home decor style trend can easily be applied in your bedroom and any other room in your home.

For instance, sprinkle your rooms with homegrown greenery, which can serve as the perfect spring accents. Feel free to bring in fresh daffodils, irises, sweet-smelling magnolia blossoms, and even gorgeous peonies to replace your store-bought bouquets. And bring in additional green accents like sage-painted furniture and walls, as well as green paneling or wainscoting.

Spring 2022 decor style trends also include decorating with fabrics featuring nature designs, like floral pillows. You can also turn your home into an “outdoor” indoor retreat with nature-inspired art for your wall, including branches used as art or dried floral.

silver container filled with daffodils

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