Folding Bed Sheets: A How-To For Folding a Fitted Bed Sheet

Folding a fitted bed sheet can be difficult and frustrating. However, after laundering the sheets, folding is necessary to keep them in good condition. The good news is that there is a fairly simple method for folding bed sheets, and all it requires are your hands and a flat surface. Here’s how:

1. Locate The Corners

Turn your sheet inside out so you can see all the seams. Locate all four corners and make a mental note of where the top two are. It can help to lay the sheet on your flat surface for this, but it is not strictly necessary.

2. Put Your Hands In Them

This is where the process of folding a fitted bed sheet begins. Put one hand in each of the top corners. The corners should still be inside out. Use those corners to hold the whole sheet up, with the elastic opening of the sheet facing you.

The results after properly folding bed sheets

3. Layer The Corners

Put the corner from one hand over the other, layering them so the seams and tips line up. This should also turn the top corner right side out. Straighten out the elastic lining between the two so there is no excess bed sheet caught inside of it.

4. Repeat For The Bottom Corners

Repeat steps two and three when folding bed sheets to make sure the whole thing is neat and clean. While the bottom corners can be hidden underneath the top stretch of bed sheet, it keeps the fabric stronger and wrinkle-free when you do it properly. Especially with luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets, folding is one of the most effective things you can do to preserve their quality.

5. Lay On A Flat Surface

This is the point where the flat surface becomes necessary. Lay the sheet down with the layered corners on top and the elastic edge on top. The scrunched elastic should look like a backwards J in the middle of the sheet.

 A stack of folded fitted bed sheets

6. Fold Into Rectangles

With the elastic on the inside, you can begin folding a fitted bed sheet the same way you would a non-fitted sheet. Bring the corners on opposite edges together, fold, and repeat until the sheet is small enough to store.

Benefits Of Properly Folding Bed Sheets

Properly folded fitted sheets are easier to put away and locate in your linen closet. You don’t have to worry about wrinkles or pockets dust might have fallen into when doing your spring cleaning. After folding a fitted bed sheet correctly, the sheet remains crisp, clean, and ready for its next use.

Folding bed sheets helps them sustain less damage from cleaning and storage so they look better and last longer. And it helps them resist wrinkles, which is crucial for keeping your bedroom looking good.

Now that you know how to fold a fitted sheet, you’re ready for a high quality, high thread count, and delightfully soft set of Royal Egyptian Bedding sheets. Contact us at REB to get them today.

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