What is the Softest Material For Bed Sheets?

Purchasing a comfortable set of sheets is always a good investment. The quality of your bedding can often impact how well you sleep, affecting how you feel throughout the day. This makes buying a comfortable set of sheets more than just a frivolous purchase; it's an investment in your performance and well-being.

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But how do you know which bedding will be the most comfortable? The most significant determining factors in the quality of a set of sheets are the thread count and the material. Here is a closer look at what goes into the very softest bed sheet material you can buy.

How Soft Can It Get?

Egyptian Cotton is widely considered the peak of sheet comfort because it offers maximum comfort without sacrificing durability. High thread count has long been considered the standard for sheet comfort, and this material provides the best thread count for bed sheets—ranging from 400 to 1500. It's grown to precise specifications and processed to make it robust yet supple for maximum comfort. For these reasons and more, Egyptian cotton is often considered the pinnacle of comfort and the softest bed sheet material due to its breathability and high thread count.

Properties of Egyptian Cotton

Longer Fibers: The main difference between Egyptian Cotton and regular cotton is the length of the fibers. Raw cotton has shorter fibers (known as staples), while Egyptian Cotton is grown in the fertile Nile River Delta and features "extra-long staples” (ELS), which help bind the fibers together much more easily. The binding afforded by these longer staples makes Egyptian cotton one of the softest bed sheet materials available because its many threads can interlock almost seamlessly. This allows for greater comfort through consistency (with the added benefit of added durability.

Handpicked: Egyptian cotton is also handpicked, (as opposed to being processed by heavy machinery). This harvesting process puts less stress on the fibers, which helps maintain their softness and strength. It also ensures that the only cotton harvested is ripe, preventing underdeveloped fibers entering the mix. Most regular cotton is harvested with machinery, especially in the US; while this process is often more cost-effective, it reduces some quality and softness. The delicate harvesting process of Egyptian cotton is a large part of what makes it the softest bed sheet material.


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Long Lasting: While the softest parts of luxury products are often the first to wear out, the opposite is actually true of cotton because the same properties that make Egyptian cotton the softest bed sheet material also make it the most durable and long-lasting. The extra-long staples are stronger and more sturdy, adding longevity to products made with Egyptian cotton. But the fibers are also quite fine, resulting in the best thread count for bed sheets. As a result, Egyptian cotton sheets can last up to 15 years if taken care of properly.

Breathable and Absorbent: Another key benefit of Egyptian cotton sheets is that they are great at temperature regulation, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The material is quite porous and good at absorbing moisture, which helps with temperature regulation. This porousness is mainly due to the way the fabric is woven, allowing air to flow freely through the material while you sleep. Its absorbency keeps excess moisture away from your body and won't attract any mold or mildew.

Less Piling: Piling occurs when small pieces of fabric collect to form lint balls. It typically occurs with aging, after washing and drying your sheets several times. Egyptian cotton is virtually lint-free and prevents piling in spite of having the best thread count for bed sheets. The strength of the fibers reduces lint and prevents piling from occurring. While it can still happen if you aren't careful, piling is far less common with Egyptian Cotton than any other material.

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Why Should You Choose Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

Egyptian Cotton is considered the premier material for bed sheets for many reasons. It's not only the softest bed sheet material, but also the most durable. Purchasing Egyptian cotton sheets means investing in both comfort and longevity. It also offers the best thread count for bed sheets, which is largely considered the most accurate indicator of quality. Plus, it's relatively cost-effective compared to other luxury materials, making it a wise investment.

While they may not be the cheapest sheets available, you will get your money's worth if you wash and dry them properly. Rather than replacing cheap sheets every few years, a quality set of Egyptian Cotton Sheets can last you a decade or more.

Plus, Egyptian cotton sheets come in all different designs and styles, offering endless possibilities to decorate your bedroom. Egyptian cotton provides a lavish feel similar to what you'd expect in a luxury hotel—so by purchasing the sheets for your own home, every night will feel like a vacation.

While there are plenty of quality fabrics available, Egyptian cotton is the softest bed sheet material that offers durability and temperature regulation. If you're looking for a strong material that is also ultra-soft and long lasting, Egyptian Cotton is your best bet.


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